"Wow! There are a lot of people here, man." I was astounded when I saw just how many people came to the party. I just got there and David gave me a room in the huge condo.

"Yeah, I guess the word got out," he yelled over the loud music as we watched the crowd of people still coming inside.

We were at David's summer house. His family was so wealthy that they could afford different houses for different seasons. Yet, even though David had all that money, I could see that he wasn't happy. I guess money really isn't everything.

"Let's hope we don't get robbed tonight." I laughed at his reaction. Last time he threw a party, some of his house belongings went missing. I was pretty certain the same thing was going to happen this time.

I mean look at that house. Every nook of every room had some expensive decoration or another. Don't even get me started with the staircase. It was built with some sort of shiny marble that just looked expensive. I couldn't even describe how beautiful the place was. His house was so huge that the fact that it filled up so quickly surprised me.

"Yeah, I hope so. Thank God they're not sleeping here." He sighed thankfully. Before I could reply, there was a screech that came from the back of the house. We looked at each other before rushing to see what happened.

"Bitch! Come and get me. You're stealing other people's men and acting like a saint," Tracie yelled at Beatrice. They both looked wild bitches in heat. What the hell happened here?

"What's going on?! Why are you two fighting?!" David questioned, glaring. At first, I didn't get why he was angry, but then I saw that the broken statue in the backyard nearby, which must have happened while they were fighting. The whole head was missing. Those girls went wild.

"This piece of shit tried to hit on my man," Beatrice snarled. The Crazy Bitch look really didn't suit her. I knew she was a wild one but not this crazy. What was she even talking about, "my man"? Was she referencing Andrew, who dated Tracie first before he cheated on her with Beatrice?

"Bitch! You stole him from me first!" Tracie snapped right back. Her eyes were bloodshot, an obvious indicator that she was high. David hadn't said anything about doing drugs tonight.

"David, did you allow drugs?" I glanced at him.

"Drugs?! Why will I allow that?" He glared back at me.

"Calm down, man." I grabbed his shoulders to cool him. "But Tracie looks pretty high." I gestured to her. He frowned and narrowed his eyes at her and I could feel just how pissed that made him. David had a history of being highly against drugs (thanks to his parents).

"Tracie! Who gave you the drugs? What did you take?" David growled. When she heard the tone of his voice her eyes went wide. David might be a nice guy, but if you piss him off, he could become your biggest nightmare.

"W-what are you talking about?" she stuttered, attempting to look innocent. She was trying to toughen herself up, though her fear was obvious.

"Don't try to fool me, woman! Tell me now!!" He snarled in annoyance. I guessed he was losing his patience.

"I gave her the drugs. What are you going to do?" Andrew interjected, seemingly out of nowhere. This bastard was always looking for ways to get into trouble.

"You bastard!" David jumped on Andrew. I immediately caught him before he could get himself in more trouble. I knew David wasn't thinking clearly and I was damn sure he was going to regret this in the morning. Andrew was his stepbrother and his mother wouldn't like it if her "boys" fought.

"He's not worth it, David." I held onto his collar to stop him. The veins in his arms and neck were popping - something that always happened when he got pissed. He was already mad that they broke his parents' statues and Andrew had to just provoke him.

"Oh look, the loser is finally talking," Andrew taunted, smirking at me. He was trying to provoke me too but I wouldn't satisfy that asshole. "How does it feel knowing that I can fuck your ex better than you? Oh wait, you wouldn't know because you're a goddamn virgin." He laughed mockingly. Well, that hit a sensitive point, thoroughly pissing me off.

Within seconds, my fist met his ugly face. I wanted to keep hitting him but David took my wrists and held both of my hands to stop me.

"Ryan, stop!" David yelled at me. I looked down at Andrew, who was lying on the floor with a bloody nose. I couldn't believe I once called this guy my friend.

As soon as I calmed down just a bit, I realized everyone's eyes were on me, which of course made me uncomfortable. I didn't like to be the centre of attention. It was draining and scary. I looked at David who met my eyes, worried.

I decided I couldn't tolerate all that attention, so I backed away from David and took my leave.

"Ryan, wait!" David called after me in the background, but I just couldn't face him after what happened. It seems I was still hurt from all that.

I was sure by now I was far from David's house. So far the camping trip was not going well. The reason why he let Andrew throw this party was beyond me. I kept on walking until I reached the river. It was like a smooth paper being shred on the rock. For the first in a while, I felt serene and peaceful.

Looking at the water always calmed me down. I needed the quiet. As I was walking alongside the river, I spotted a cave just at the end. I hadn't realized there was a cave here, and I couldn't help but wonder how far down it went. I picked up my pace a bit.

"Holy shit!" I couldn't help but gasp. From far away it looked pretty small, but up close it was really big. The cave mouth seemed to be made of impenetrable blackness - a void I stepped right into and watched my shadow dissolve into the surrounding darkness. It was dank and the only sound was the flowing of the river. I pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight so I could at least see where I was headed. The surroundings were truly beautiful. The walls were decorated with different kinds of gems that glittered in the light. Most of them I didn't recognize.

Curiosity commanded my actions; the questions "what's up ahead?" "How far does this go?" beckoned me into the unknown void. The place was so dark that it would make no difference if you were blind. It looked vacant - untouched in years. As I kept on walking down deeper, the flow of the river faded behind me. I couldn't help but feel that there was something off about this place. I was getting a very eerie feeling. Like I shouldn't be here, or something was going to happen.

After a while, I heard a new water flow. I hurried my steps to reach there faster and came across a small pond as blue as a sky. Above the pond was a small hole on the rocks, most likely where the water came from. I crouched down to touch the surface, curious.

The water moved softly around my outstretched fingers, caressing cooly, eddying in their wake. I pull my hand out and watch the drips, both transparent and opaque at the same time. It had a strong lavender scent.

I watched my reflection as water bobbled; I was sad to see how dishevelled I looked. I could see all my insecurities in that reflection. How I'll never be able to have the confidence to ask a girl out, how I'll never experience those stupid butterflies in my stomach that people talk about, how I'll never experience true love.


I jumped up from the sound. I was sure I had been the only one here, so where did it come from? I turned around and saw no one. Maybe I was starting to lose my damn mind. As I was about to turn around, the light reflected off some shiny object on the ground, catching my eye. I slowly made my way toward it and bent down to inspect it.

It was a silver necklace with a blue gem inside the holder. The centre gem illuminated a bright light, which I somehow hadn't noticed before. What kind of a necklace is this? I wondered to myself. I held it closer to my face and the sharp part of the pendant just barely cut the side of my finger. There was a bit of blood that accidentally smeared on the blue gem, but nothing major so I wasn't worried about it.

Maybe it belonged to a girl from the party. Maybe someone forgot it here a long time ago. I didn't know who it belonged to obviously, but I decided to take it back with me. It looked rather expensive and someone might've been looking for it. Then I noticed that the pond started smoking. Well, actually, it was probably just steam, but it was way too cold in here for it to be steaming up.

"What the actual fuck?" I stared at the scene in front of me. It was like it was boiling. How was that even possible? The air around me was starting to get hot and I couldn't take it any longer, so I left quickly.

"Ryan," whispered a voice after Ryan left the place. 

"Phew. Much better," I sighed heavily. The heat had become so unbearable that I had to remove my shirt. "What was that?" I whispered to myself, glancing back at the opening of the cave.

"Ryan!" I heard a voice yell from the distance. I squinted my eyes and lifted my flashlight to see who was coming, though it was difficult to make out since I forgot my glasses at David's place. When the figure came close, I finally recognized who it was.

"Where the hell have you been, man? I've been looking for you for two hours!" David rushed up and gave a hug, which of course I returned. He wasn't just my best friend but also like a brother to me, so I knew I must have worried him.

"I'm okay. I went for a little walk." I smiled at him, hoping to ease his worries.

"No shit. I thought you were eaten by an animal." He rolled his eyes and gave me a slight shove.

"Me? Eaten by an animal? Impossible." I laughed, especially at his annoyed face.

"So you think you can't be eaten? What an arrogant bastard." He laughed slightly. Great to see him finally lighten out.

"Says the biggest arrogant of all." I grinned.

"Haha, yeah. I'm just glad you're safe. Miya would have killed me if anything happened to you." He nervously laughed as we both remembered her threat.

"Well, let's go before we both die. I want her to have that right." I gave him a mocking smile and walked ahead before I got a rant.

"Son of a bitch! Wait for me, asshole!" He yelled.

"Haha, try to catch up."

"Biena toh sia" (You are mine)

What the? "David, did you hear that?" I glanced at him. Surely, he must have heard that. What the fuck was that?!

"No, I did not hear anything. Are you okay?" He grabbed my shoulder.

"Are you sure you did not hear anything?"

He shook his head. "Ryan, are you sure you are okay?"

"Yeah, I am okay. I just thought I heard something. Do not worry" I smiled to reassure him but I still felt uneasy. Something bad was about to happen. I could feel it in my gut. 

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