"Ohh yes!" I moaned as he spanked my ass. His calloused hands caressed my back and it felt really good. I could not see his face but God if he didn't make me feel good.

"Val!" He yelled in a girly voice. Wait! why did his voice become like that? Then suddenly he started shaking me. Okay, something was wrong with this man.

"Bitch! Wake up!" Then his form changed to a feature of a woman. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. Son of a bitch! I was dreaming. I exhaled upon the realization.

"Ugh! You finally woke up. I was getting tired of all your moaning." Diana rolled her eyes and got out of my bed. This bitch has been my best friend since we were children. The funny thing is that we became friends when I punched a boy who was bullying her. I did get a huge punishment for hitting the boy. Since then she has never left my side.

"Yeah? And you fucking ruined it. I was finally getting the dick." I raised my hands and yawned while stretching my body. Man, do I hate the mornings.

"That's what you say every time. Why don't you get a real dick instead?" She laughed loudly and shook her head at me. What a low blow!

"I wish it was that easy to get a man here, Di." I glanced at my reflection in the mirror. I caressed my cinnamon-skinned cheeks. Having a queen as a mother had some of the best privileges such as this beauty. I had almond eyes with thick eyebrows. My Nubian nose went perfectly with my diamond-shaped face. But all this beauty doesn't matter in my world.

"I know." She groaned. "I wish I could go to earth. Then I would have been able to fuck any dick in my sight." She sighed dreamingly.

In Venoshin, it is rarer to find men. My planet is populated with women and that has caused lots of problems. Because men are rarer, they get special treatments. That's why I was punished when I punched that stupid boy.

"I heard a lot of great things about their dicks." I took a seat next to her. "Some men's dick can go as far as to your womb. Now that's a huge dick." I licked my lips as I remembered the faceless guy in my dream.

"The womb?!" She widened her eyes.

"Yes, the womb," I smirked at her wow-struck face.

"Now how do I sign up for that?!" She groaned and slid down from the couch.

It does look like we are desperate but sex is part of our nature. The Vanime love sex so much that we were willing to sell our soul to have one. I always wanted to experience it but the men here are scumbags who are not even able to fulfil your bedroom needs.

Venoshin was a world far away from earth. We shapeshift into the animal our soul connects to. Mine was a snake while Diana was a cheetah. It is ruled by a woman but to be honest the men still call the shot here. A man could do whatever he wanted to a woman and no one could say anything. That was not even the worst part. When a woman found her mate, he could either choose to reject or accept her. Even if he accepted her, he could still go to other women and the mate would not say anything. That's how fucked up my world was.

"If I knew how to do that, do you think I would still be here?" I raised my eyebrows at her.

"If you ever do, make sure you take me with you." She placed her hand on top of mine.

Her pouty lips were raised in a smile and her monolid shaped eyes were closed together. Diana was a Chinese-American with a pale ivory skin tone. She was the total opposite of me. While she was short with a height of 5'4, I was kind of tall with a height of 5'8. She had bigger boobs than me while I had wide hips and ass than her. She was truly beautiful. Women here were really beautiful and it sometimes causes huge toxicity. They were all competing against one another.

The only thing we have in common with humans was that we looked like them and had different kinds of races. Also, we could speak their language. It was part of our powers.

We were suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. As the queen's daughter, no one was able to get in my room without knocking except for my mother, Diana, and my deceased old man. Yes, I called him an old man for a reason.

"Come in," I told the person behind the door.

The maid came in and bowed her head before she spoke up.

"My princess, your mother has summoned you." She said without meeting my eyes as it was part of the rules.

"Okay, I will arrive in a sec." And she left the room after she got my message.

"What do you think your mother wants from you now?" She glanced at me in worry. My mother and I have not been getting along very well since she let that incident happen to me. I do not even respect her as a mother.

"I don't know. Maybe she is trying to set me up with another boy so that I have a chance to be with a man before I reach my twenties." I blurted out in anger.

"Good God! I hope not." She yelled in dismay. Once a woman mates, her life was ruined.

"Yeah, I hope so too. I am not ready to see her face yet." I sighed in dismay. Her degrading words always bore a hole in my heart and there was nothing I could do. If I tried to say anything, my head would be on a platter. That's how much she 'loves' me.

"Let me go before she decides to punish me again." I stood up from the couch and went to the bathroom to refresh myself.

"Make sure you carry a spray too. Just in case she goes demonic on you." She laughed loudly with a hint of tease in her voice.

God! I can't deal with this bitch sometimes. I still loved her stupid ass. 

"Hello, mother. May I ask why you summoned me?" I bowed my head in respect.

"Well, hello daughter. I am happy to see that you finally came." She said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"I am sorry, mother. I was refreshing myself." I replied in a monotone voice.

"I am mad that you are not making me a priority but for now I will let this one go because I have an important task for you." She stood up from her throne and stood in front of me. Her aura was very dominating that it could bring anyone on their knees.

I was a replica of my mom. Both of us had the same features except hers were older. Her hair is brunette while mine was dark black. Her stoic face had no hint of any kind smile which is what makes her a queen. A queen is supposed to lead, not love. She is supposed to put her people first before her family. She is supposed to be a leader, not a mother. My mother was doing a good job of doing her role.

"Once again I apologise." I looked at her right in the eyes. It was disrespectful to look at her in the eyes but to hell with it. What was she going to do? Get me whipped with chains again?

"Do not look me in the eyes! Put your face down!" She growled, her eyes turning red with her canines coming out.

My mother was a leopard. It truly matched with her because she was as brutal as that animal. She never gives mercy including to her daughter.

"Ok, mother," I remarked and looked down. I might look like I was submissive but I had no option. It is her world and she rules it. I was just a mere pawn.

"Nowadays your behaviour is becoming unacceptable, my nuvel (My daughter)." She grabbed my chin harshly.

"Fo chi, monmior," I replied in Vanamoux. (No, mother)

"Ah ni (Ah yes). Well, let's forget about this. I am here to talk about something else." She let go of my chin and went back to her throne.

A malicious smile appeared on her wicked face before she said, "I am sending you to earth to retrieve someone."

Saying that I was shocked was an underestimate. My mouth was so agape that my hold hand could fit in there.

"Did you say earth?" I asked to confirm what I heard was not just a hoax.

"Yes, earth. Now, now dear. Do not get ideas on that silly head." She laughed mockingly. This woman got on my nerves a lot.

"Ideas? I do not have any. Why are you sending me there?" I looked at her questionably. What was this woman planning now?

"I knew you were going to ask that." She smirked then ushered a servant to give me something.

It was a document. The document contained everything I was supposed to know about this mission.

"You remember Aphrodite, right?" She raised her eyebrow at me. Who doesn't know that woman? The queen of love and nightmare. Every kid, teen, and adult have heard about her story. She was a nightmare that no one wanted to experience.

"Yes, mother. I have"

"Well, you are going there to bring her back. She escaped from her dungeon." She said.

Wait a damn minute! She escaped?! Now that will cause a huge disaster, both on earth and in our world.

"But mother, how did she escape?" I asked, wondering how she was even able to escape in the first place.

"She found her lover. If their soul reconnects, then our world will perish." She clenched her fist in anger. Aphrodite and mother have been enemies for centuries. My mother has always been jealous of Aphrodite. She had everything that she wanted. The internal beauty and the handsome warrior that every woman in Venoshin wanted.

Aphrodite became crazy when her mate left her for my mom. She started destroying everything in her path. In the end, her ex-mate was the one who killed her to save the people. Before she died, she cursed us that she would come back here with her real mate to destroy us.

"How did that happen?" At this point, I was asking way too many questions to my mother who was known to have no patience.

"Too many questions. Now I am dismissing you to go get her back in her dungeon either alive or dead." She growled in anger.

Oh well, I didn't fucking care. I was just way too happy to go to earth.

"Oh before you go, make sure you take your stupid friend with you." She said nonchalantly. I clenched my fist after her rude comment about my friend but I decided to not say anything.

"What did you say again?!" She screeched.

"We are going to earth, bitch!!" I yelled in happiness. After I arrived, I immediately told her everything. We both started jumping on the bed due to the amount of happiness we had. This was the best day of my life.

"Oh wait, but isn't she dangerous?" She abruptly stopped and glanced at me in fear.

"Yes, but mother wouldn't send us there if we weren't capable." I grabbed her hand to calm her down.

"Oh, God! I am scared now but I don't care since we might get a real chance to experience the life of humans." She giggled excitedly.

"I know right. This is a dream come true." And for the rest of the day, we kept on giggling like lunatics.

"Omg! This place is so beautiful." She talked to me through the mind link. We were both in our animal form, running, well for me sliding through the woods. We came to earth early in the morning using our ability to fly. I did not want to encounter my mother after yesterday's meeting.

"Do you smell the freshness of these plants?." I sniffed them in wonder.

"Ooh yes, I can." She replied.

"I can see a house," I yelled excitedly. The house was huge and looked quite expensive. For sure, this belongs to some rich folks. I can't believe that we were this close to humans.

"Wow! I am going ahead." She yelled excitedly and sprinted off. This bitch did not even wait for me.

By the time I reached the house, she was out of my sight. Curse cheetahs and their speeds. Why wasn't I one? I groaned. I saw an open window and got inside of it. I immediately landed on a room that smelt good.

I shifted from my snake form. It didn't take more than a sec since I have been doing this for many centuries. My bones came back and rearranged themselves since snakes had no limbs. I walked around the room naked, my eyes catching a small card left on the bed. I picked it up and read what it said.

"Ryan huh? Well, don't you look appetising." I licked my lips and smirked at the picture of this sexy hunk. 

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