"Is this your cabin?" David raised his brow. We have finally reached Catherine's house. The walk was kind of awkward; no one was talking. I guess we all needed that moment of silence after what happened.

"Yes, it is my cabin. I am here for my school project." She nervously replied. The cabin was just the usual one. Small, yet elegant. The red paints on the exterior of the cabin suited it well. She had a small garden that grew a Jane Magnolia Tree, Sunshine Ligustrum, and some other trees that I didn't recognize.

"A School project?" David squinted his eyes. He seemed to be suspicious of what she said.

"Yes, I take a photography class. So I decided why shouldn't I come here? I mean it's beautiful." She made eye contact with him. She knew he suspected her.

"Pretty boy, what do you think I came here? To suck a dick or kill a bear?" She smirked then laughed mockingly. Ohhh! She got him good.

"I want to say option one but I know you are a good girl." He bit his lips and winked. There he goes again with his flirting. At this rate, he was going to be the king of the mackers.

Macker; A famous word that was used for a man who is not interested in a relationship, but and who sweet talks you to get it. David was definitely one but the thing I respected the most about him is that he respects women a lot. He even does movements like 'Women Power' and 'free the nipple' to support them.

"I bet you say this to every girl." She giggled bashfully.

"Not all. Just the ones who don't take him seriously." Mike side-shoved him while laughing.

"That's why I like Ryan." She turned to me and winked. This girl and her flirty lines.

"He is likeable, ain't he?" David wrapped his arm around my neck, squeezing me.

"God Damn! Move your arm off me." I grunted and tried to push him away which was hard. God! What does this boy eat?

"Say it." He wiggled his eyebrows. No way! I am not going to say that shit again!

"Nope!" I grunted. He tightened his hold on me and ruffled my hair. This bastard! Fine, he won once again.

"You are the best," I said in a lower voice.

"Anh!" He shook his head. "Say it louder." He smiled mischievously.

"You are the best!" I yelled. I was beginning to think that he got off to compliments. What an Asshole!

"That's my boy." He removed his arm.

"Now I get why everyone talks about you guys' friendship in school." She blurted out.

"Huh? Wait! Are you studying at our school?" Mike widened his eyes.

"Say what?" David yelled.

"Oops, I guess didn't mention." She broke the eye contact and laughed nervously.

"So we go to the same school?" I raised my brow at her. How comes I didn't see her even once?

"I-I am not good at socializing. Besides we don't have the same class. That's why you guys don't see me." She bit her lips and rubbed her left arm nervously.

"Hey, it's cool. It is a big school." David smiled warmly at her. That was true. Our school was so huge that no matter how many years I studied there, I still got lost.

"Yes, it's a big school. The reason why I know the three of you was because of the Robotics event that I went to last year." She smiled bashfully.

Oh yes! Last year, we had a Robotics Competition that three of us participated. We were huge nerds for technology. I mean, in this generation; can we live without one?

"Wow! You were there too?! What a small world." Mike smiled in wonder. Small world indeed.

"Yes. I was there with my sister. I enjoy coming to these kinds of events with her." She giggled.

"Maybe you should come and join our club." I smiled shyly at her.

"Really?! Thank you! I have always wanted to do that but I was kind of scared to hear that there were not many females in there." She smiled and then looked away suddenly. Her smile on her face had fallen off.

It was sad to see many girls backing out of our club just because there were too many boys. We need more women in STEM.

"Why the sad face?" Mike asked her worriedly.

"It's just- I don't think I am suited for it. I know nothing about Robotics." She sighed.

Suited? Everyone is suited for anything that interests them. I feel bad that she doesn't see that. Nothing in this world is impossible. If something interests you, then you should go for it.

"I knew nothing about Robotics too and yet I joined it." Mike smiled bashfully.

"Now, I got some knowledge about it. Anyone can learn it." He continued.

"That's true. This idiot sucked in the beginning but now he is doing great." He laughed loudly. That's right! Mike knew nothing in the beginning but now he was a genius that created an app that enabled anyone to keep a track of their dietary.

"Yes, I heard about your app and I freaking loved it." She giggled.

"Thank you! I made it because I noticed how people do not take care of their diet well." He smiled happily.

"Yep! That's a pretty cool app. I even use it." She waved her phone around. I do agree with that. That was a pretty awesome app. I use it to track my mamma's diet. Her health lately hasn't been doing well.

"Oh shit! It is past noon now. We have to go now, guys." David glanced at his watch and yelled. We have to go now if we want to reach home before the sunset.

"Ah yes! You should go." She ushered us but her eyes said something else. She seemed reluctant of us leaving. She looked at me and smiled sadly. Why did she have that emotion? Is she okay? I kept on wondering.

"Bye, Cathy! It was nice to meet you." Mike raised his fist.

"It was nice to meet you guys too." She smiled and pumped his fist.

"Well, I am now looking forward to seeing you at school." David fully smiled. He only does this when he likes someone and I guessed he does like her.

"Have a great day, Catherine." I smiled warmly and shook her hand.

"You too, Ryan." She parted her lips and licked it. Okay, I think I just found myself an admirer.

"Finally! Home sweet home." Mike groaned heavenly. We were so tired. This weekend went kind of crazy. I was very sure that It couldn't get worse.

"Well, I don't know about you guys but I need a shower after all these," David grunted. He took out the keys to the house and opened the door. I immediately flopped to the sofa and sighed in pure bliss.

My muscles were aching and I needed a shower to relax. The hike was great but I was tired both mentally and physically. The dream I had last night had a huge toll on me. It somehow felt real. Like way too real. Who was that woman and why did she call me hers? I kept on wondering. The last time I got a nightmare like that was when I was a child. Since then I didn't have any dreams like that.

"Ryan, why don't you go rest?" Mike sat down next to me and glanced at me worriedly.

"I am going now." I slightly smiled.

"Are you okay?" He bit his lip in anxiety. He does that when he gets worried.

"Yes, I am okay." Both of his lips were pressed together and pushed out. He knew that I was lying but wasn't pointing out.

"Well, I am going to shower now and rest." I yawned. Man! Was I beat out.

"Alright. I am just going to my room." He jumped out of his seat and ran towards his room.

Man! That boy was so fast. At times it felt that he wasn't from this world with the way he acted. I was not going to disturb myself by thinking about this. My head was already suffering.

I climbed the stairs and turned left where my room was. Just thinking about the bed made my smile broaden. Finally no more stress.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I yelped the moment I entered the room.

Sitting on my bed is a very naked girl, whom I don't even know. Upon hearing my voice, she turned her head towards me and eyed me up and down. Then, a smirk slowly made its way onto her lips.

"Oh hello, Ryan. I see you're finally here." She licked her lips and stood up. "I've been waiting for you." She made her way toward me.

Okay, I'm very sure that I never told her my name. So how the hell does she know it?

My eyes widened upon the realization. Is she what I was thinking. Oh no! Maybe she was. That could only explain the reason why she was naked.

"Are you a stripper?" I yelled. Did David plan this? I was very sure that he was getting back at me for what I did to him on his birthday.

"A stripper?! I am offended by this. I don't show my body for money." Her lips were pulled back, exposing her teeth. She narrowed her eyes and folded her hands under her chest.

My eyes accidentally landed on her chest. The only thing she had on was a red bra and panties. I immediately turned my back on her. My face was as red as a tomato. This was the first time I saw a girl naked.

"Then why are you in my room? Did David put you up to this?" I shakily replied. Why was this happening to me? And to think that this day couldn't get any worse. I mentally groaned.

"First of all, I am here because I was waiting for someone. I was tired and decided to shower. I somehow found this room which turned out to be yours. Secondly, Who the fuck is David?" She kept on blubbering and yelled in the end.

Man! This girl talked a lot. Who in the world was she waiting for? If she was a guest then she should have waited in the living room. Wait a damn minute! The house was locked. So how did she enter?! I widened my eyes upon realizing.

"How the fuck did you enter this house?!" I turned around, avoided glancing at her body and looked at her in the eyes.

"Haha, great question." She nervously replied and avoided my eyes.

"Well, answer." I glared at her. This girl was lying for sure but the question was why?

"W-Well-" She was cut off by a scream that came outside my room. No doubt David's voice.

I immediately rushed out to check if he was safe. The last thing I needed today was him hurt.

He ran, butt naked out of his room. His eyes were really big like he saw a horror movie. What the fuck was happening today?! First, a naked girl in my bed and now David running butt naked. I mentally yelled.

He ran towards me and pointed to his room. Words were unable to come out of his mouth. What made him this speechless?

"Yow guys! What's with all this noise?" Mike walked towards us with a towel around his waist.

"David, as much you have a nice butt and dick; I am not interested to see it." He scrunched his nose in disgust.

"Dude! There is a girl in my room!" He yelled.

A girl?! But I thought she was in my room.

"What the fuck are you talking about? She is in my room." I raised my eyebrow at him.

"No dude! She is in mine." Then we somehow started arguing over this like the dumbasses we were.

"Mike!" We suddenly heard a girl's scream. We all turned towards where the noise come from and nothing could prepare for what I saw.

Another naked girl, who was wearing a shirt no doubt David's, running towards us. She immediately lunged herself towards Mike, who fell onto the ground.

"Oh my God! I can't believe you are here, Mike!" This time another voice yelled. The naked girl from my room also ran towards us and jumped on Mike.

"Okay, Can someone explain to me what the fuck was happening?!" I yelled.

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