Welcome to the rebel's territory

In the meantime , before the temple could close down , Kiara was taken outside by someone . She was moving on the bed restlessly and the images of castles , territories , swords and crowns came to her mind . She shook so much then opened her eyes and found herself in an old house .

' Where.........Where am I ?.......Ouc , my head !......Right , I was at the ancient temple of the Kadar family , how did I end up here ? ' thought Kiara to herself confused .

She looked at her hands then looked around the bed but couldn't see the sword .

" Are you awake ? " asked the person who had brought her to that old house .

" Who are you ? Where is the sword I was holding ? " said Kiara with a serious tone when she saw him standing near the fire .

He turned his back around and Kiara was surprised to see who it was .

" Your sword transforms into a necklace when it's not used in a battlefield , heir to the Kadar family . " said doctor Emre with a smirk

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