Kiara held the little boy in her arms and together with doctor Emre they walked to his house . When they arrived , Kiara saw that his family lived in a poor place . She saw a pregnant woman holding the cut wood . She looked malnourished and in poor health .

" Mom ! " said the boy with a smile .

" Chris !..... " said his mother with a worried expression when she saw Kiara and doctor Emre .

" Chris , what have they done to you ? " said the mother with a worried expression when seeing he was hurt .

She tried to snatch Chris from Kiara's arms but she stopped her .

" You are pregnant madam . You cannot hold him in your arms or it will harm you . " said Kiara .

" Mom , she saved me from those bullies and hit them hard to get revenge for me . She is a true superhero . " said Chris excited .

" Really ? " asked his mother shocked because Kiara was not a tall person .

" Haaah ! I have always been suffering from my height problem

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