A gut feeling he will become a leader

" Also , remember , apart from being kind you have to also be cold . A cold lord is feared by its enemies and fear earns the enemy's respect.........I can't wait for the day I see you again . When that time comes , we will both meet as leaders . " said Kiara .

" As leaders ?..... " said Chris confused .

His mother fell off her knees with her hands shaking . She looked at Kiara wth a shocked expression then grabbed her son's hand .

" just say you were......Kiara Kadar ? A.....real member of the......Kadar family ? " said his mother with a shaking tone .

" To be precise , I am the heir of the Kadar family that was lost long ago . " said Kiar putting her hand on her shoulder and calming the poor woman down . 

" We..........We were in danger long ago and it was the Kadar family's daughter that saved us back then . I and my husband would be dead if it weren't for the Kadar family . Although we were rebels , th

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