King alive ?

" Die ! " said the man but Kiara didn't bother to get up from the chair at all and knocked him out with just a powerful kick between his legs making him bend down and scream in pain .

" Whoever makes me lose more time , will have the same fate as this idiot . " said Kiara with a calm , gentle tone .

Subconsciously , the men suddenly covered the part between their legs with a scared expression . Doctor Emre still couldn't believe how easily she beat them . The only thing that made him get out of his dazed state was the communication amulet in his pocket that was ringing . He opened it and saw that it was the leader of the rebels calling him .

" Emre......Where are you ? " asked the voice coming from the amulet he was holding .

" I am in the city my lord . " said doctor Emre .

" Is the bride with you ? " asked the leader .

" Yes , she is . " said doctor Emre .

" Why aren't you here yet ? Is there any problem ? " asked the leader .

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