Omnious feeling

' Uffff ! ' thought Kiara as she stared at the four walls of the room and looked at the city from the window .

Meanwhile, in England , the atmosphere had become shabby and filled with danger . Eskylrious had become more and more restless . No one dared to say half a word to him because he would send them to be tortured . He spent the nights in Kiara's room and was mostly awake . Everyone could see how much her disappearance had affected him . Queen Kyla was taking care of madam Karla and making sure she didn't suspect a thing of what was going on . Leader Samara was thrown in the dungeon and waiting for Kiara to appear again .

' It's all that girl's fault ! It's all her fault for being born . How did she manage to escape death at that time ? Why is she still alive ! She has gone missing recently but I can feel her heart is still beating . She is still alive . Why can't she just die ! Die ! Die ! ' thought leader Samara with an angry expression .

The palm of lead

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Samara is such an evil toad, I hates her lolz

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