Kalisto Kadar , the legendary leader

Kiara looked at Eskylrious with a worried expression . He had just seen his father again and now he had to say goodbye . she couldn't bear to do it .

Queen Kyla cried , filling her beautiful face with tears . King Eskander couldn't bear to see his wife crying like that anymore . He turned his face towards Kiara then smiled .

" Eskylrious is now absorbed by his power . We only have a few minutes before his powers are released...............If she takes full control of me now.........she will use my strength to kill my son . I can't live with that thought Kiara . Either pierce my heart with your sword or I will come to you myself with the last bit of life energy that I have left in me . " said king Eskander .

" Your majesty , how can I....... " said Kiara with her handshaking at the thought that she had to kill the father of the person she loved dearly .

" Kiara , you will be a great ruler of the Kadar family , as well as a good bride to my son . I hope the

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