Fate is an interesting game

" Kiara ? " said Kerana surprised when she saw her .

" I am Kalisto . Do to the fact that I am a spirit , I was forced to occupy Kiara's body for a little while . " said Kalisto . 

" Kalisto ?.......The real princess Kalisto that lives in the legend of the Kadar family ? " said Kerana shocked and amazed that she was able to meet her .

" Yes ! " said Kalisto with a smile .

" Your majesty ! I am begging you ! My mother is innocent . She may be a bit arrogant but she isn't evil . The bad spirit that lived inside her made her do all those bad things . It's not her fault . Plase forgive her ! " said Kerana bowing her head .

Kalisto smiled gently at Kerana and raised her head , looking at her face .

" Didn't you say that your mother had no fault ? Why are you apologizing then ? " said Kalisto with a warm expression .

Kalisto laid her hand on leader Samara's forehead and transferred her some energy .

" She will be forced to sleep

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Cassandria Meeks
need part 2 this can not be the end
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Nans Smith
omg u didn't end it right what her vision of the father playing with the daughter,noway iam hurt that u did it this way.u never answered about Kiara parents.
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Kali Priyanka
I would first like to thank the writter for creating a wonderful book. I am so happy ...... for both Kiara and Eskylrious. Hope that we can have a sequel of it with the future of everyone.
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