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"Oh no ! I'm so late . "said Kiara while running on her way to get to school .

After running like crazy she arrived at the school gate two minutes before the bell rang . At the door was the guardian who looked at her with a serious annoyed face . The guardian was all mussels and huge like a gladiator . Kiara tried to enter without being noticed the moment she saw him yelling at some other student . She was ready to burst into tears from fear .

"I feel really sorry for her , poor girl " said Kiara when looking at the scene .

Kiara knew it wasn't her problem but she really couldn't stand seeing others being bullied .

' Ah damn it Kiara ! This generous , kind-hearted character of yours will get you in serious trouble one day . I know it even myself but I can't do anything about it . ' thought Kiara to herself .

" Hey, sir ! Can't you see that this girl is terrified ? Hasn't she understood it already ! She apologized and promised to never come back late again , what else do you want ? " said Kiara with a serious face . The guardian turned towards her .

"Hey, missy ! You are lucky that I let you off cause I don't have time to deal with minor things . Now go to class before I make sure you go to the director 's office and receive a good suspension for a week before the semester starts . " said the guardian with a serious look .

" If you are referring to my height then don't bother trying to make me feel inferior . Do you know that Napoleon Boneparti was also short but this didn't stop him from winning lots of battles and becoming the king of France . In a few words mister with a gladiator's look, you can go to the director's office and we will see who gets suspended me or you . Now that I have nothing left to say , I shall take this poor student with me and leave ." said Kiara .

He was burning with anger . Kiara chuckled a little and grabbed the girl's hand .

"Are you alright ? You don't have to be scared anymore . " said Kiara with a smile .

" Thank ! " said the girl .

"You're welcome ! But you have to be strong for yourself . My name is Kiara and yours ? " said Kiara in a friendly tone .

" My name is Emily . It's a pleasure meeting you . I hope we can be friends . " said the girl with a sweet tone .

" Sure . If someone bullies you in the future tell me and I will beat them really bad . " said Kiara while making a punch to determine her words and Emily laughed  .

" Now that we are free from that gladiator we can search for our class . " said Kiara .

Kiara and Emily went towards the board with the name and class but it was full of students 

" Emily can you try and see our names since you're taller than me . " said Kiara with a smile .

" Sure Kiara ." said Emily with a warm smile .

Emily tried but with no result . There were a bunch of students on the board and a lot more students in the garden  . It seemed like the school was about to explode by the number of the people there .

" Don't you think is weird Emily ?! There are definitely more students than the number of enrolled people . I mean if all of these were students then the school should be twice as big . Something must be happening here . " said Kiara a bit confused .

Emily made a shocked face while staring at Kiara who was trying to find the reason why it was so crowded .

"I can't believe there's actually a girl who's not informed about your arrival Sky and she doesn't seem to care much . This is hilarious ! Wait till you hear this . " murmured Emily .

" Did you say something Emily ? " said Kiara who couldn't hear her well the first time .

" No , I didn't . So did you discover the reason ? " said  Emily while trying to hold herself from laughing .

" Well  as far as I know no contest is taking place here , no scholarships exam , no seminar . To be sincerely even if there was one of these alternatives happening today I don't think it would get so much people . Most of the population is lazy . " said Kiara .

Emily couldn't keep it in anymore and started to laugh with all her might .

" Why are you laughing ? " asked Kiara confused .

" Cause girls like you are really rare ! " said Emily while laughing .

" What do you mean ? I don't get it . " said Kiara still confused .

" Haven't you read the news ? " said Emily .

"No, I haven't . Before I left home my little brother wanted to tell me something he saw on the net but I rushed out of the house in a hurry and didn't listen to him . " said Kiara and remembered her little brother .

" Then let me tell you . Today his royal highness crown prince Sky will attend this university . That's why there are a lot of people . They want to register in this school but apparently it's full and there's no space left ." said Emily .

Kiara stayed silent for a couple of minutes then looked at her .

" WHAT ?! Let me get this straight . A crown prince with chances of entering the royal academy has decided to follow his studies in a simple private school like this ! Are we in some kind of novel here or is that prince just dumb ?! " said Kiara in a bit of a shocked tone .

She couldn't believe that an actual real-life prince would attend the same school as her .

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it's spelled muscles
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Akorico Gelig
the author of this book is rediculous
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Bonny Mary
Hahahhahahaha the prince is dumb

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