Prince Sky's arrival

"We are about to arrive your highness ! " said the driver .

" Finally ! " said Sky while looking at the files of the company . After a couple of minutes, they arrived at the school .

" Make sure that there no students in the garden waiting for me before I get out of the car . The last thing that I want is to deal with the annoying girls and to get a bigger headache than the one that I have right now . Is that clear ?! " said Sky in an ordering tone .

" Haha ! Yes it is your highness and rest assured. I talked with the director a while ago and he said that the coast is clear . "said Sky's personal driver with a nervous smile .

"Hope so Maurice ! " sighted Sky in a relief .

His phone began to ring .and he saw that it was his mom .

" Put two bodyguards in the front of the school and wait for me in the entrance cause I have to answer this call . " said Sky .

"Yes your highness . " said Maurice then left .

" Hello, mom ! " answered Sky in a sweet tone .

" Son did you arrive ? " asked his mom in a bit of a worried tone .

" Yes , I'm at school now . Tell grandpa I arrived and that the files he asked are ready to be sent to the company . " said Sky .

" l'll tell him don't worry . I called you to ask if Iris came along with you . She wasn't in the palace and according to the surveillance's videos she boarded your plane . " said the queen with a nervous tone .

"Impossible . I would have noticed if she boarded mom . " said Sky .

"I don't deny your vampire instincts, my dear . I am just telling you that she used your grandpa's invisible mantel to hide from you , that's why you didn't notice . " said the queen with a soft tone , to make sure that Sky wouldn't get very angry .

"That troublemaker ! Ahhhhhh ... she thinks that all is about having fun and forgets that others have work to do . Don't worry ! I will find her, after I finish my job and when I do I will break her wings so that she can only fly after three hundred years . " said Sky with a seriously threatening tone .

" Sky please ! Don't do anything . Let Gabriel take care of her punishment ." said the queen afraid that her son would really do something to Iris .

"Fine then . I won't , for now ." said Sky with an angry tone and closed the call .

"Sky wait a minu.... . That child he hung up . " said the queen with an anxious tone .

" Don't worry your majesty ." said the nanny .

" How can I not worry Klementina .  You've known Sky since he was a baby . His anger is no joke . " said the queen worried .

" Precisely because I know him since young I am positive that he won't hurt his sister . You know that he cares about his family more than himself ." said Klementina , the nanny with a smiling face . She was one of the most reliable people in the palace . The royal family considered her more than just a simple nanny , they considered her as part of the family .

" Your right . I always wonder how can you manage my worries so well ? " said the queen with a bright smiling face .

" It's a great honor for me to welcome you your royal highness ! "said the director of the school while bending before Sky .

The pleasure of visiting my one of grandfather's best friends is always a pleasure . Please we are close enough so there is no need for you to call me so politely . Sky is enough uncle Ben .

"My , my ! Charles sure has raised a really nice grandson . "said uncle Karl and started to pet Sky's head just like when he was young. Sky really liked this side of his .

"Sky , what about Emily? Is she with you ? " asked uncle Karl .

"No uncle . Emily arrived early than me cause I had some unfinished work to do . " said Sky .

"I see . What a niece to have ?! She hasn't come to visit her grandpa in a while and now that she is here she doesn't even show up ." said uncle Karl in a sad tone .

" Come on uncle Karl , don't be sad . I talked with Emily before coming and she told me that she was assigned in class 1-D  same as me . " said Sky with a smile

"Well then ! How about we go there ? " said uncle Karl .

" With pleasure ! " said prince Sky .

After passing through the hallway Sky noticed that everyone was looking at them . The girls were making a heart shape form with their hands and sending kisses from where they were . Sky was worried that he wouldn't be able to be like the others . He wouldn't be able to enjoy the fact of being a simple student .

" Being a prince sure has disadvantages! " though he to himself . It didn't take long for them to arrive but for Sky, it seemed like an hour had passed thanks to all that attention . The chairman knocked at the door then entered the class with Sky beside him . When the teacher saw them she got up immediately .

" Welcome director Karl and Prince Sky ! Student this is the director of the school Mr.Karl . Besides him stands the crown prince of England, his royal highness , Prince Sky . " said the teacher .

A big confusion begin . All the class began to be very noisy especially the girls .

" Quiet now ! Show some composure in front of the prince and director . You may choose a seat your highness . "

The noise stopped but not the chats with each other . Sky looked around and noticed Emily at the end seats near the window . There were two seats free one in front of her and one beside her . Sky went at the end and seated in the seat beside her . The moment he seat there the jealousy of girls increased and looked at Emily with a criminal sight .

" Thanks for making me the enemy of all girls in here . " said Emily with eyes filled with anger , in a very low voice .

"You are welcome! It wouldn't be good if I kept all the attention to myself right ?! " answered Sky in a low voice .

" I will make you pay for this . "said Emily and Sky agreed with a smile .

" Well then now I shall take my leave now miss Anna . Behave well students ." said the director and glanced at Emily with some angry eyes before going out of the class . Emily and Sky both noticed it .

"Was he angry ?! " murmured Emily .

"More than angry I would say sad for not receiving a visit from his granddaughter . " murmured Sky while smiling at Emily in a 'you deserved it ' mode .

"Yeah but it was way too crowded thanks to the arrival of a certain someone so if my grandpa is angry at me it will be all your fault that's why don't give me that kind of smile .

"It's not my fault for being gorgeous. " said Sky .

"Ok everyone! Now that we seem to be completed ....wait a minute . Why is there an empty seat ? "

Emily looked around and didn't see Kiara .

"It looks like ms Kiara Willows is the only one missing . It's really inappropriate to not be present the first day and especially a scholarship student like her . " said the teacher angry .

"Teacher , Kiara had an urgency at home so she had to leave today . She told me to tell you that and she hoped that such a kind teacher like you could understand . "said Emily with innocent eyes . The teacher liked what Emily said and decided to be more tolerant .

"I suppose that miss Kiara must have had an important issue otherwise such an excellent student wouldn't miss . Well then let's begin ." said the teacher and ordered the students to open their books then the lessons started . Sky looked at Emily with a serious look .

"So this was the girl you were praising at the phone ? A student who misses the first day ! " said Sky with a sarcastic tone .

"Kiara is not like that ! She must have had some reason . You know me I never like someone easily ." said Emily with a serious tone .

"Yes I know and that's why I am curious to know her or better say I am curious to know the tricks she used that made you like her . " said Sky .

"You really don't trust anyone. " said Emily .

"Trusting someone is a really rare thing to have . Especially for people like us . " said Sky with a cold tone . Emily was well aware of what he meant . She knew very well that but she still didn't think that Kiara could be like those people in the past .

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Bella Jersey
I’d I was a prince or princess I’d think I’d be the same way. Who was kidnapped and why? What’s gonna happen to K?
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Hayat Danny
The poor prince is blessed with a brat
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My sister is also a huge troublemaker

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