That's my pudding !

"Your highness would you please take a look at these documents regarding the wages of the workers ?" said the manager .

"Leave it on my desk . I'll take a look at it later and inform you after three hours. " said Sky .

"Thank you your highness ! " said the manager and closed the door then left .

After the manager left Sky took a look at the city . His room was a royal suite with the best view of the city .

"This view is nice ! I better go an have some fresh air outside . This  pile of work doesn't seem to come to an end  and on top of that I haven't found Iris yet . Once I catch her she's dead meat . " said Sky .

Sky decided to change his clothes before going outside . His outfit was made of the best material possible and it was really eye catching. In order to mix with the crowd he thought a normal outfit would be better. After changing he opened his wings and flew out of the window .

Meanwhile Kiara , Justin and Iris were walking

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Bella Jersey
He’s a I don’t care he thought Kai was playing a game. Sorry Sky you just placed yourself on the a$$hole list

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