You knew ?!

It was the middle of the night when Iris broke inside her brother's room . When she saw him sleeping she rushed to get something to eat . While she was looking , she instantly felt a chill behind her back . When she turned around , she saw Sky's frightening eyes burning with anger .

" You finally decided to show up in a very distinguished way princess Iris . Since you're missing for a long time , you must have had a lot of fun . I hope you won't mind telling your dear brother about it RIGHT ! " said Sky who was already pissed off .

Iris's face froze . If he knew she was kidnapped he would be beyond raged . She was sure that her demonic brother wouldn't let her off easily without punishment . She told him that it was late . She started to pretend to be sleepy and begged him to wait till tomorrow. After arranging a room for Iris , Sky called Emily to inform her that Iris arrived and she had to take her along because he had work to do .

" Sky that's great ..... I m

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Bella Jersey
Sky still was bully an a$$wipe in the store

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