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The morning sun shines into the room and lighting the room. She blinks and slightly yawns.. The most beautiful girl in the kingdom, one true to her name...

"Princess Dawn... It's time for your royal bath" said her Lady in waiting from outside the room,  behind the closed door.

She talks to herself... "Can't a girl have her pretty sleep. It is just eight in the morning".

"I'm sorry your highness but you really need to wake up."

"Elsa... You're disturbing my sleep".  Replied the drowsy princess.

"Your highness, please you have a pretty tight schedule today. And her majesty would get pretty angry at me if you don't wake up now. Please don't let me lose my job".  Pleaded the Lady in waiting.

"I love it when you beg Elsa... " she giggles.

"Okay, that does it, princess. " Elsa signals the guards standing outside the princess's chambers and they open the door for her while smiling.

"Same old,  same old. The princess and Elsa,  what a pair." One of the guards spoke smiling to the other guard.

"Princess Dawn of Grendel, heaven knows I've been patient enough. Get up young lady"..  said the angry Lady in waiting."

"Ohhh kill joy. Well, I've got to give it to you,  your patience lasted umm ten minutes. You're improving". 

"Princess Dawn."

Dawn covers her head with the cover sheets, an evil grin was registered on Elsa's face and she drags the cover sheets off Dawn's body. She moves closer to the window and open the drapes letting the sun rays enter the room more.

"Close them, Elsa, this is not fair".

"Life is not fair. You are a princess and with it come responsibilities. You have your dance class,  etiquette class, history class,  strategy class and training. You need to get up. I can't do this every day. Please". Begged her lady in waiting.

"Loosen up Elsa".

She snuck up close to Elsa while she was distracted with her thoughts and use her pillow to hit her head.

She giggles." You should have seen your face earlier Elsa... "

"You just... huh princess.. " before she completes her statement,  Dawn hits her on the head with her pillow again and laughs in the bed. Elsa takes another pillow and draws closer to where Dawn was on the bed.

"Oh no, you don't."

"Ohh yes I do Dawn."

"No noo you do not dare Elsa."

"Is that a dare Dawn... You know me, I am terrible at backing down".

"Ohhh I hate this side of you".

"Nooe you love it princess,  and you love bringing it out,  get ready."

She smiles as she lands the pillow on the princess,  and hits her trice. Feeling satisfied,  she smiles and turns around. Dawn gets up and hit her with her pillow again.

" Pillow fight... Haha hahaha haa haha..come on Elsa,  admit it, you love it" she says to Elsa as she hits her with her pillow and Elsa hits her with another pillow. They engage in a pillow fight, suddenly the doors swing open and the girls froze in their stance ready to pounce on each other, but the eyes glaring at them made the pause.

"What in the world is the meaning of this.? "

"Your majesty. I'm sorry. " Elsa quickly regains her composure and bows to the queen.

"The princess should be having her bath now, instead you both are here indulging yourselves in a child's game. " said the queen.

"Yes, your majesty. I am very sorry,  it won't happen again. Please excuse me. "

She exits the bed-chamber to the bathroom to prepare the princess a bath.

"Mother, you know Elsa wasn't at fault here. I made her do it. "

"Is that the morning greeting I get from my one and only daughter?.

"Sorry, mother. Good morning. How do you do?" Asked her caring daughter.

"I am fine my dear. You need to get ready,  today is an important day. "

"What's happening, today mother". asked her curious daughter.

"Well, you just wait and see.  Elsa, is the bath ready? "

"Yes your majesty,  all done".  replied Elsa.

"Okay, I'll leave you to the task Elsa. See you at breakfast my love. " the queen said and walks out of the door.

"Phew.. " she sighs and turns to look at Dawn.

"Well,  that went well I guess" she smiles at Elsa. "I'm sorry I got you into trouble." Dawn apologizes to Elsa.

"It is okay, princess. I should not have allowed you to sway me. It is my fault, as your lady in waiting I should know best. Now come your bath is ready just the way you like it. "

"What would I do without you Elsa" she gets up from the bed and moved towards her bathtub.

"Literally nothing your highness " she laughs at her reply.

"Honestly everything dear" she smiles back at Elsa. "That's why I learnt behind mother's back." she seems thoughtful and suddenly broke out of her thoughts when Elsa lightly touched her shoulder.

"Your highness".

"My my. Enough chatting already. We have alot of things to do".

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princess story , huh? look forward to it

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