After her bath, she applies her oil on her skin and gently massages it into her skin. Soon the room was filled with the all too familiar scent of olive mint and lavender.

She sighs as she inhales the scent. She put on her under garments and wears her gown with the assistance of two other maids. Onr fastens the halter belt,  while the other gently raise her hair. She is escorted to sit at her dressing table, where Elsa awaits her. She sits and they all get to work on her hair and applies light make up.

When they were done,  she opens her eyes to see her reflection in the mirror.. And as usual she was breathtaking.

Each day,  she she's a finer version of herself from the smooth touch of her maids. Her hair was let down, and the corners weaved and where they meet at the centre, was carefully pinned using a beautiful hairpin,  keeping the curls in place. Her eye shadow, dark blue matching the colour of her dress. Her lips pink, drowned with a light pink lipstick, her eye lids were lined and a mascara was applied on her eye lash and a small brush gently used to straighten her eye lashes.

Her gown, which suits her body,  bringing her curves out, it was a straight body fitted gown, which fled out from below her butt and onto the ground. The front was barely touching the ground, showing off her black shoes, with a small heels slightly raised above the ground.

She felt satisfied when she went to look at herself in the standing mirror.

"My, my" she smiles at a lost of words to describe the beauty in the mirror.

"Her highness is beautiful " said one of the maids.

"Elaine thank you, and you too Adella, Elsa. Since I'm happy, I going to gift you all something. "

"Really" replied the eager Adella.

"Wow" said Elaine.

"Thank you your highness but we are only doing our job,  you don't need to.... " Dawn cut her short by placing a finger on her lips.

"Shhhhhh Elsa. Let me." She moves to her wardrobe and brings out a big box, twice the size of a shoe box. She placed it on her bed and gently opens it. She takes a look inside and brought out three hair pins.  "There you go".  She hands each of them a hairpin. With glee in their eyes, Elaine and Adella rush to hug her while Elsa courtesy to her.

"Girls might I warn you,  you would ruin her highness's make up and dress. You are being clingy".

"And you are being so choked up,  come on here Elsa, let's have a big hug. "

"Well all right,  if you insist. "

She moves closer and they all have a big hug.

"Thank you princess" they all chorused.

"My,  my.. I better hurry to breakfast. Mother would be having a fit if I delay further. " she straightened her gown, head held up high, straightened her back and held both palms together in front of her stomach. Then she gave a slight nod and Elaine and Adella both open the door for her. She walked out with Elsa following behind her.


Soon they arrive at the dinning hall. The guards open the door for them and they walk in. When she gets near the table, she goes and hug her father.

"Good morning dad".

"Good morning my jewel. Trust your sleep was nice" asked her father.

"It would have been completely nice if mother wouldn't make Elsa wake me up so early. "she smiled at her mother while still at her father's side.

"Ohh I see. But eight isn't early love,  its late" replied her father.

"Enough chit chat Dawn. When before the king you curtsey. " corrected the queen.

She curtsied before the king and queen saying "Your majesties,  Good morning ".

"That's better. I trained you well".

"You sure did your majesty" replied Dawn as she went to take her seat at her father's left hand side, while Elsa went ahead to serve her food.

"I hear you've improved greatly at your archery lessons my jewel " her father inquired.

"Yes father. I'm learning how to shoot three arrows at once now." Dawn replied while eating her meal carefully.

"I'm so proud of you dear. " he father praised her.

"And I hear your dance lessons, are not so... "

"Mother, I'm trying my best. Dancing is not... "

"I forbid you to say what you want yo say. You are a princess, you are royalty, is it too much to ask you to act like one. Learning the dances is a must , it's part of tradition. What would you do when asked to a dance at a royal ball? " quarried her mother.

"I'd simply decline mother. Besides I'm not terrible at dancing. I know the dance steps."

"Well, she is good if I do say so myself"replied her father.

"Roland you are spoiling her" her mother said looking at her husband.

"I'm not. I simply allowed her the freedom to do what she likes".

"I only wish you'd be enthusiastic about your dance lessons as you are about swordsmanship and archery". Her mother sighed tired of arguing with her daughter.

"It is okay you two. I'm sure Dawn would put in more effort in her dance classes, right my jewel? " he winks at his daughter and she caught the que.

"Yes father. Mother I promise to give dance lessons my best. Are you happy now? Dawn asked her mother.

"Yes. Make sure you keep your word. As a princess you must learn to keep your word. "

" When have I not kept my word? "

Her mother stares at her.. She smiles at her mother and replied,  "Yes mother".

They ate their meal silently this time. The queen's lady royal, and the princess's lady in waiting stood at at the far back of their Ladies waiting.

The princess gets up,  "father,  mother I'm done with my meal, thank you." her lady in waiting draws her chair out, for her to come out.

"Wait, sit Dawn, your father has something to tell you" the queen said looking at the king.

"Why yes, I do. My jewel, you would be twenty soon. And you've come of age my dear."

Dawn thinks to herself in her mind "oh no,  not what I'm thinking, please don't be what I'm thinking. I'm not ready yet dad"

"In a month's time, we would be having a ball"

"A ball, what's the occasion father? " asked Dawn.

"Patience, patience my jewel. We would have a ball,  to celebrate your birthday and .... "

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