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"Patience, patience my jewel,  we would have a ball to celebrate your twentieth birthday and  your title as the Crown Princess of Grendel" her father said with smiles written all over his face. 

Dawn thinks to herself again " Phew" she sighs. "I'd thought he wanted to say marriage. Thank goodness he didn't. "

She smiles and look at her parents "thank you dad, mum."

"That's not all Dawn" her mother replied wiping the corners of her lips with a handkerchief and putting it on the table. She signals for the table to be cleared, two different maids came and clear up the dishes and left. 

Another set comes with some fruits and plates. There were grapes,  strawberries, blue berries,  apples and pear. Elsa serves Dawn,  as did the queen's lady royal Gracie. 

Isabel sat there rather impatient, tired of her mother's silent torture. But none of these emotions showed on her delicate face. She gently ate her fruits, as she out a grape fruit into her mouth using her fork, she almost choked at the words that fell out of her mother's mouth. 

"Your marriage has been arranged" her mother said calmly,  quietly eating her fruit as though she didn't just hear her daughter choke at the words she just spoke. 

Elsa quickly fills the princess's cup with water and passed it on to her, she bowed her head and took some steps back. Dawn nods to her. 

"Mother,  did I just hear you say my marriage has been arranged? " asked Dawn. 

"Yes you did. As a matter of fact,  an Ambassador from the other kingdom would be visiting today to plan all the necessary matters. You should be happy, your marriage would unite our kingdoms together. " 

"Father, why? I don't even know this person" Dawn said loosing her cool. 

"He is the Prince of Starrynight kingdom. He is handsome I must say. He'll make a good match for you" her father told her putting a hand on her left hand. 

"I don't love him,  I don't even know him dad". 

"I didn't know your father when I married him. But we ended up falling in love. " her mother spoke with all calm befitting that of a queen. 

"Don't do this to me father, please. I'm not even ready to get married" she looks at her father with pleading  eyes. 

"I'm sorry my jewel, but its for your own good" her father said whilst rubbing his palm on her hand. 

"There's no need to cry,  as a princess your duty to your country comes first amongst other things. By noon,  the Ambassador would arrive. Be ready before then" she looks at Elsa and spoke "I trust you would do a good job Elsa,  make spectacularly stunning ". 

"Yes your majesty " she curtsied to the queen. 

"I can't believe this mum. I've lost my appetite" she gets up and leave the dinning hall with Elsa behind her,  Elsa slightly bowed and curtsied to the king and queen and hurried after Dawn. 


In her chambers,  Dawn is on her bed crying. Elsa stands near her bedside and watches her. 

"Tell me why, I just want to marry for love,  not to be sent off to some kingdom to marry a prince. " she said to no one in particular in between sobs.

"Your highness... "

"Why can't I choose whom to marry. I don't even know him. I should spend the rest of my life with someone I don't know". 

"Usually, that's how tradition has been, for the parents to choose their children's life partner and most of these marriages be used as an alliance " Elsa said to her. 

"Tradition be damned" she cursed. 

"Now now,  come princess. That is no way for a Lady to talk. Your mother.. " she is cut short by Dawn. 

"My mother what.. I'm tired of her controlling my life. I would never be the perfect daughter she wants. I just wished I could be free like you". 

"Hmm don't wish for my life your highness. "

Dawn stares at her. 

" I am just a lady in waiting. You have it all.. "

"Yes I do,  including an arranged marriage. Oh God why is my life taking this shape. " she looks up as she continues crying. 


Two hours later, her maids work their magic on her face and hair once more. She is dressed up in a beautiful dress once again. It was an off - shoulder type of gown with the neck a little bit low to the too of her breast, the gown hugged her shape so well with the fled starting at the waist and ended at her toes covering her toes. It was a beautiful light blue gown which matched her necklace, a pearl light blue in color adorning that beautiful neck. She stepped into her shoes, a four inch black heels which raised her gown a bit off the floor. And her hair was packed up and held with hairpins having blue pearls on them. Her lips were painted with a pink lipstick. This time she wore gloves, with flowery designs and light blue in colour, covering her fingers up to her elbows. And a crown was placed on her head completing her outfit.  Everything fit so well, it made her beauty more pronounced. 

She was a sight to behold. Any man would definitely fall for this beauty. Especially those blue eyes of hers, which looks so much like the sea's colour. She was simply breathtaking.

Unlike other times when she smiled to compliment her outfit,  this time,  the owner if the pretty appearance was sad. 

She looked at herself in the mirror, forced a smile out, not showing her perfect teeth, just a small smile to grace her lips.

Satisfied, she straightened her back, tummy in, sighed having an emotionless face, she tried once more and the all too familiar small smile that graced her lips appeared again.

She mentally applauded herself. Satisfied with her performance, she turned to her lady in waiting,  a simple nod and the doors were opened. 

Graciously, she walked out of her chambers with Elsa following behind her as usual.

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