Meeting 1

She got to the throne room, the guards announced her arrival and opened the doors, she walked in and curtsied before the king and queen, as did her lady in waiting. 

"Your majesties". 

"My princess" her father stretched his right hand in front if him to her, she walks closer to him, takes his palm in her hands, held her gown with her left hand and curtsied to him. He lightly kisses the back of her palm and she goes to sit at his left hand side near his throne. 

She turns to her head to face her mother and with a bow of her head she spoke "Mother, you are stunning as usual". 

"Thank you dearest" she gave a slight nod to her daughter. 

Her mother was dressed in a beautiful light purple gown, with the sleeves at her elbow and a similar gloves in design to that of her daughter but light purple in colour to cover her fingers up to her elbow. Her gown hugged her breast and fled down from below her breast to the ground. Her crown sat atop her head gracefully.

Yes, she truly took her mother's beauty, and her father's blonde hair and blue eyes like the sea. She loved her parents, and they loved her too. Usually her father would give in to her,  but this time around he sided with his queen. She felt sad but didn't let any emotion show. 

The Ambassador would arrive any moment from now,  she had to be her best and represent her kingdom well. From a far disposition, the royal family looked like a beautiful painting where they sat down. 

She took a look at her father and he smoked back at her as soon as their eyes met. 

Its no wonder her mother would fall for her father,  he had so many loving qualities,  his smile can sweep any girl off her feet. He was so kind to his family and his people. He was a just king,  a true leade. On top his head stood a majestic golden crown, adorning his blonde hair. He wore a shirt with long sleeves,  tucked in his trousers and a suit jacket looking a bit like his ceremonial wear on top, which was buttoned half way to his chest, leaving two buttons free. His outfit and his charming face made him look like the painting of a famous artist. 

Fifteen minutes passed and soon the doors open announcing the arrival of the Ambassador. 

A man in his mid thirties walked in and bowed before the king and queen. "Your majesties" they nod at him,  he turned his gaze to Dawn, "your highness" then he turned his face back to the king and queen. 

"Welcome to the kingdom of Grendel " the king replied. 

"I bring greetings from the Royal family of the Starrynight kingdom. I am Donald Arnold,  one of the emissaries, I bring a message from the royal envoy. The ambassador's carriage had a problem on its way here. One of the wheels pulled out when we accidentally passed a hole on the road and fell into a river nearby. I was sent here by the Ambassador to tell his majesty of this unfortunate incident. I came here on a horse to deliver this message. And at such they would likely arrive at the kingdom by nightfall or by morning of the next day " the man named Donald spoke,  delivering his message to the king and the queen. 

"Unfortunate indeed, I would send two carriages to go bring them, and for the carriage to be fixed. A room would be prepared for you in no time and food brought for you. You are welcome to my kingdom once again" the king said to the tired man. 

"Thank you your majesties " Donald said while bowing his head.

The king called for two maids and they escorted him out if the throne room showing him to a room to rest. Dawn who has been holding her breath unknown to her, released her breath and heaved a sigh of relief. 

She thinks to herself "Thank the heavens. Atleast, I have one more night to convince my parents" she stood up and curtsied  to her parents. "Father,  mother,  I would take my leave now". 

"Yes,  yes,  please go and rest my jewel" her father said not paying her much attention. 

"Yes father" she leaves the throne room with more life in her than before.

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