Meeting 2

Dawn gets to her chambers and was so happy. She had a big smile on her face as she sang. Meanwhile  Elsa just stood by the door looking at the princess. 

"Come on Elsa, sing with me, or dance with me". 

"I thought you didn't like to dance". Replied Elsa. 

"I like it but I love archery and swordsmanship more. "

"So what now? The Ambassador would still come,  this evening or tomorrow morning your highness. "

"Well yes,  tonight at dinner,  would try to convince my parents once more". 

"And if they don't agree? "

"Well then, I would cross that road when the time comes. For today, I'm going to enjoy my freedom. Tell me what should I do? I feel alive, but something is missing. " she ponders in her mind. 

"You can go for archery lessons".

"Ummm,  no, I'm not feeling it" replied Dawn. 

"You can go for sword training " suggested Elsa. 

"No, I don't feel like fighting now". 

"You want a cool bath? "

"No" replied Dawn once more. 

"Hot spring"

"No" the princess rejected. 

"Arrrghhh, choose one your highness "

"Well suggest something worth choosing Elsa". 

"Dance class, the queen would be thrilled. "

Dawn shakes her head "that's not it either". 

"Then what is? Well its not like you would want to sneak out of the palace and go to town in disguise,  or go swimming in the river. Just better go master your archery.. "

Dawn cuts her short and squeals "brilliant Elsa,  that's it. "

"That's what? " asked the perplexed Elsa. 

"I'm going to sneak out of the palace and go to the market in disguise."

"Oh no you don't princess, you are going to get  yourself in trouble " warned Elsa. 

"No, perhaps yes,  but I won't be alone,  you are coming with me."

"What? Your highness, the queen,  if her majesty finds out, she won't take it funny". 

"Says who she's going to find out,  its just you and i that knows about this. If you are with me,  how was is she going to find out,  she would think  I'm training or stuff". 

"Your highness, remember the last we left the palace, the queen didn't take it funny. "

"Ohh come on,  you and my mother should loosen up. I could go swim in the river". 

"Princess Dawn,  you want the queen to have my head don't you. This is no good,  why did I ever make mention of this. " lamented Elsa. 

"Best suggestion you've given me Elsa" replied the princess. 

"Princess Dawn". 


Dressed in a man's outfit, a pair of leather trousers,  a shirt and a jacket plus leather boots,  the princess packed her hair and wore a hat on her head and added a fake mustache. Elsa dressed a bit similar,  except she didn't wear a hat and a jacket. 

Elsa begins to wonder, how she got roped into doing this. 

"Elsa, let's go." 

They stroll in the market, Dawn began checking the different wares sold in the market. 

She sees a child begging for bread form a baker, but the man drives him away. She feels sad for the child, as she walks towards the child,  she notices another child,  a little bit older than the first child, perhaps by a year or two, steals a bread while the baker was distracted, but has she was climbing down from where the bread was stacked on top of, she missed a step and fell down,  alerting the baker. The baker turns only to see the poor little thief trying to runaway with his loaf of bread. 

He tries blocking her path. 

"Got you now,  there's no place to runaway you little scoundrel. " The man smiles as he laughs evilly. 

The little girl smiles and spoke to herself. "Hehehe,  let's see the who is the dumb one now" as she said that, she rushes towards him, while the man stretches his hand to grab her,  the little girl slids down between his legs and ran away. As she ran with the bread, she turns to look at the baker who fell trying to catch her,  she stops and laughs. 

"Look at you now, hehheeehhhe". 

"I'm going to get you, just wait for me". He said to her while trying to get up. 

"Come and catch me" she sticks her tongue out which only angers the baker more, he threw a stone at her and she barely escapes,  then he gets up. 

"Ohh oohhh, he's coming" she starts running, but because she wasn't looking ahead,  she bumped into Dawn and the bread fell down. Dawn holds the girl and picks up the bread. 

"Good,  catch that little thief,  the man shouted. 

The little girl looks at Dawn and struggled. 

"Let me go and I won't hurt you"

"Hmm feisty are we" Dawn smiles at her and the man was getting close to them. 

"I'm sorry please let me go. Don't hand me over and that bread, please ". 

Dawn looks at her and took several steps back, she handed her the bread and spoke to close to her ear "run, and don't look back" then she let her go. 

The little girl ran to a corner and took the small boy with her and they ran away. Soon there were no sign of them. The baker tries to pursue them but looses sight of them. Dawn started laughing and the baker turned to her.

"You,  you are going to pay for that bread" the baker said in anger..

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