Meeting 3

"You,  you are going to pay for that bread" the baker said in anger. 

The enraged baker walked close to Dawn glaring at her. 

"Me,  what has this got to do with me? " asked Dawn. 

"You had that scoundrel and you let her go with my bread. " he grabs Dawn by her collar hard, making her hat fall off. 

"How is that my problem, I only helped her get up" explained Dawn.

"Perhaps you are in this with that brat". 

"That's ridiculous, I don't know them". 

Elsa who was admiring the goods turned and saw someone holding Dawn up. 

"Oh my God,  this is bad" she hurries to meet Dawn. 

"You either pay for the bread or I hand you over to the soldiers." 

"I don't have any money". Dawn said trying to free her shirt from his grip. 

"Then soldiers it is." Just then some soldiers passes and the baker yelled "Soldiers, I've caught a thief" as they hear this they hurry to where the baker was. 

As Elsa sees this, she quickly punches the bakers head and hit his hand that was holding Dawn, he looses his grip on Dawn and turned towards Elsa. 

"Ohh no" Elsa gulps down saliva frightened as the man stares at her and walked closer.  Dawn quickly drags Elsa and they ran away before the soldiers reaches them. 

"They ran that way sirs. " the soldiers without wasting time pursued after them...

As they run, they bump into people,  goods but still continued running while shouting "I'm sorry, sorry for that". 

As Dawn runs,  she bumps into another seller and shouts "I'm sorry" while looking at the man and running. Soon she bumps into another person and they both fell down with her been on top of him. She opens her eyes to see whom she bumped into and was about apologizing "I'm so..... " the words seems to hang on her lips as she stares at the handsome stranger beneath her. 

They stare into each other's eyes, and was drawn to the other person.

As Elsa runs she talks to Dawn "That was too risky princess, if the soldiers had caught us, we would have been in deep trouble just now, how could you get yourself involved in that? " as she speaks,  she gets no reply  and stops running. She turns around and found out Dawn was not with her. 

"Ohh my goodness,  where is her highness? " she ran back to where she came from. 

"I'm sorry"

"You are handsome"

"Huh.. " as she tries getting up, she looks around and mistakenly use her knee to hit him in his groin, he screams and his hand landed on her chest as he wants to push her away, then he felt her breast and his eyes opened wide in surprise. "You're a girl"

 Just then Elsa found her and rushed to where she was. Dawn who was shocked by the sudden action, slapped him on his face. Elsa was surprised as well, but as she heard the soldiers voice "Get them" she quickly help Dawn up and drags her away leaving the young man on the floor. The soldiers came and ran past him still pursuing after the girls. 

The gets to a T - junction and hid by a house, using some clothes hung on the door to cover their head. The soldiers passed by two minutes later and divided themselves to different directions,  then they removed the clothing used for covering and hung them back. 

"Phew that was closed" the princess and Elsa both sighed. Dawn turns to face Elsa and sees an angered Elsa, then she burst out laughing, soon enough Elsa joins her and they kept laughing. 

"Its not funny Princess"

"You should have seen your face,  it is funny. Ok why did you laugh if it wasn't? " asked Dawn. 

"That's because I recalled the way those soldiers fell when you pushed that pls cart their way. It was funny seeing the kingdom's soldiers that way. "

"At the very least I made you laugh. I missed those days with you Elsa, its been three years since we visited the market". 

"Technically,  three years,  six months and twenty days,  or you can make that, twenty and a half days" as soon as she finished,  Dawns jaw dropped and her mouth was open wide. 

"Now that's a sight I don't get to see everyday princess, its priceless, the look on your face. "

Regaining her composure, "that's because its not everyday your lady in waiting says those kind of things,  you even knew the days. "

"Why yes your highness. "

Dawn giggles "I just want to bring out the girl who became my best friend and not the girl my mother has made you become. You were always cheerful when we were young, we played a lot, it was fun. Then,  that day.. "

"Everything stopped when you almost got killed ten years back. When you fell from that tree and we almost got attacked by a bear in the forest,  if not for that boy and the soldiers. I didn't know what to do, I was scared. The queen was furious, you were unconscious for days, it scared me. I didn't want to lose the only friend I had,  my best friend. "

She thinks back to ten years ago. 

Little Elsa paces outside the princess's room, she stopped and was shocked when she heard the royal  physician talking.

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