Meeting 4

The royal physician talks to the queen "Your majesty I'm sorry, but she is still not responding."

"What?  Do something, my daughter had Ben unconscious for three days. Don't let her die". 

"She is having a fever, and if this persists there may not be away to.. "

The door suddenly opens and a small girl runs inside surprising the queen and the royal physician. 

"She would survive," the little girl said cutting the royal physician short. "Dawn will survive, the princess is a fighter. She won't die, she would wake up soon" the small girl was crying heavily. "Right? Dawn would survive and play with me,  she would be okay". 

The queen smiles and pat the little girl's head. 

"It's all my fault, I wanted to eat some apples,  she offered to get some for me, I should have stopped her. I didn't."

"You didn't know she couldn't climb a tree,  it was her first time. Don't blame yourself little one. She won't be happy seeing you cry. " the queen tried consoling her. 

"I don't want anything to happen to her" cried little Elsa. 

"You said so yourself, she would be fine, Dawn is a fighter". 

"Yes ma. I wished u could have protected her"

"You will"


"What's your name?"

"I couldn't remember anything after the accident and the princess named me Elsa. She said it was a pretty name". 

"Indeed it is a pretty name,  Elsa.  Since you don't want anything to happen to her and you want to protect the princess, you will do as I say. From today you would study with the princess, train with her, learn with her and you would be her lady in waiting. If you don't want anything bad happening to her, you would prevent her from making wrong decisions and hurting herself. I'm entrusting my daughter to you little one, do you understand? "

"Yes ma, does that mean she can still be my friend? " asked the confused Elsa. 

"Yes, you would be with her 24/7, and you would protect her, do you like that? " the queen asked. 

"Yes, I would take care of the princess". 

"That's better. Now,  have you eaten? "

"No your majesty"

"Go to the kitchens, no wait" she calls for one her  maids. 

"Your majesty"

"Edna, take her to her room, have her have a bath, and feed her, at this rate she would fall sick worrying about the princess. Go Elsa, the princess would be all right". 

With that the maid took Elsa away. 

The royal physician talks to the queen "your majesty, bought she is young". 

"She lost her parents in an accident she was the only survivor, Dawn found her in the woods when she snuck out of the palace to play. She was unconscious, I presumed she struggled there after the accident and collapsed with no food. Dawn ran back and told her us. The king sent a guard and a maid to get her. She lost her memory, she's been in the palace since then. Its been months now, she and Dawn are inseparable. She is just a year younger than Dawn. She is young, yes but the fear of losing Dawn would make her stop my daughter from doing rash things. Dawn is adventurous, she loves risks and likes Elsa, so she would listen to Elsa and stop making rash decisions. "

"Well if you put it like that, I understand your majesty". 

They hear a sound and both turn, they saw Dawn opening her eyes and trying to sit up. 


Back to the present. 

Elsa smiles, "since then I became your lady in waiting. I'm grateful to you for saving me, so I promised myself I would always protect you. "

"It was not your fault "

"It was, I wanted the apples and you climbed because of me. "

"You asked to go look for a grown up to help us but I refused and started climbing ". 

"Then you fell because of me". 

"No, I saw the bear from afar, I was trying to alert you and come down so we can run, when I fell and collapsed. "

"I didn't know" Elsa said crying. 

"That's because I never told you, considering I brought you there in the first place. And I didn't want you blaming yourself for what happened. "

"I'm sorry". 

"I should be the one apologizing and not you. I'm sorry. " she hugs Elsa and they laugh. 

"That boy, I never saw him again, the one that saved us. "

"Yeah, I never saw him in the first place". 

"He distracted the bear and told me to go call a grown up, that he won't let the bear come near you, and that was how he left, he ran distracting the bear. He was brave, then I ran out and looked for a soldier and I saw three, one carried you and the others went to help the boy. But till today I didn't see him, nor did the soldiers. They said when they got to where the boy and the bear were, he smoked at them and ran away" narrated Elsa. 

"Strange,  well I owe him my life". 

"Yes by the way,  why did you slap that boy at the market place just now? Come to think of it, he looks oddly familiar". 

The soldiers spotted them "you two halt". 

"RUNNN" shouted Dawn.

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