Can I Know You?

"What was that for?" the young man complained.

"For calling me a psycho, not believing princess".

"I'm getting it wrong,  you are a psycho, not trusting, terrible,  unreasonable,  hard to deal with young lady".

His statement infuriates her and she launches with the stick straight at him,  but this time around he holds the stick and spun her around, with the stick in her hands,  now close to her throat as he holds her in place.

"There, there, easy there. Steady".

" Steady?" She scoffs.  "Do I look like a horse to you dimwit? You're impossible ". She struggles and breaks away from his hold.

He only laughs after looking at her for some time.

"What's funny? " Dawn asked him.

"You are," he said and took several steps forward, getting closer to her.

"What are you doing?" Dawn asked, already in a fighting stance.

"I think I should be asking you that, you're in a fighting stance." He arched his brows at her, gesturing at her stance.

This girl was simply unbelievable.

"Well you are coming close, you could harm me when I let my guard down," Dawn replied his question, not backing down from her stance.

"Then don't let your guard down".

"That's what I'm doing. So you intend on harming me?"

"Ohh boy,  what did I get myself into."

"You think I am too much?" She asked again.

"Would it kill you to stop feeling threatened by me? I only wanted to help you."

"With what?  I don't need your help."

"Trust me please, I promise I won't do anything stupid".

"You better don't " she use her free hand to cross her chest in a protective manner. He only smiled at her behaviour and moved closer to her.

"Steady, it might hurt."

At his words, she closed her eyes and he gently removed the moustache that was about falling off. He looks at her beauty and spoke,  "There you go. Your fake moustache was about falling off." He said and handed it over to her.

"You are welcome beauty."

"I never said thank you."

"You might have as well done it. But you are too proud to."

"I'm sorry." The young man is shocked and just stares at her.

"There I've said it. I'm not proud." she said and went to sit down on the soft grass.

Minutes passed and they both didn't talk to each other.  Later he went to wash his face at the river.

"Why are you here?  This is my secret hideout."

"Its mine too."

"That's a lie,  how come I've never seen you here before?"

"How come I have never seen you? I've always taken care of this place you know. "

"Thank you," she said calmly.

"You're welcome."

He walked to where she was sitting on the grass and joins her. Can I know you please?"

"Yeah sure, I'm Diane. What about and you?" Her head turned to her side to look at him.

"Nice name you got there. I'm Nicholas, my friends call me Nick." His lips curved up into a charming smile at his introduction. A part of him wished to charm her with it.

"Nice meeting you Nick," she said extending her hand for a shake. He shook her hands and she smiled.

"Pleasure is all mine." His smile broadening at hers.

"So where are you from?" Dawn couldn't help but ask. From the way he looked, he may not be from her kingdom, so she thought about asking to be sure.

"I'm a traveller," Nick replied.

"Ohh really and you could maintain this place. You jest. Tell me the truth."

"Okay, I'm from Starrynight kingdom."

"That's awesome Nick."

"And you? Where are you from? Why are you dressed up like a man?"

"Ummm, I just felt like entering the market in a different wear today," Dawn lied.

"Spectacular. I want to get apples, care to join me?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

"Is that a yes?" He asked her, feeling confused by her reply.

"Of course it is silly. Let's go."

'Silly? This girl sure is something else.' Nick thought to himself, his smile never leaving his handsome face.

He got up and helped her up as well, extending his hand for her to take and she did, pulling her up to him.

They went closer to the apple tree then he starts climbing. After plucking some apples, he came down, while Dawn gathered the fallen fruits.

"Thank you, Nick."

"You're welcome once again, Diane."

They washed it off at the river and sat close to the river to relish their fruit. He started a conversation.

"Why were those soldiers chasing after you? What did you do wrong? "

"They think u stole."

"Did you steal anything? "

"Nope, I kind of assisted a thief in running away. "

"What!" his jaw dropped as he stared at her with disbelieving eyes. "You did what?"

"Yeah, a little girl and bog stole a bread, it seemed they had no parents or family, as the girl ran, she bumped into me. So rather than handing them to the baker, I let her go and told her to run. The baker came to me angrily and demanded I pay up. Told him I didn't have any money,  but instead, he called the soldiers. Then my friend came and hit him on the head cause he held my shirt so tight, he let go and was facing my friend, that's when I dragged her and ran. Then I bumped into you. " she carefully explained to him.

"You are something else, Diane. I admire you. What you did for those kids was nice," he complimented her, feeling her bravery just from her tale.

"Thank you."

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