Meeting The Ambassador 1

Nick and Dawn continued talking for a long time.

"I feel happy, I don't know why though".

"Well Diane, I think it may be because we are both here together. I have always come here alone. This is the first time enjoying this serenity with someone else. And you are a nice company ". Complimented Nick.

"Thank you, that was a nice thing to say. Well I guess you are right, although I do come here with my m... I mean my friend. "

"That's true, where is she? "

"She decided to lure the soldiers away and told me to go on without her". Dawn said sadly.

"Why are you saying it like that? . You are sad. What is the matter? "

"Its nothing, its just she sacrificed her time for  me to relax".

"I can see,  she's a good friend.".

"My best friend actually. Well time has gone. I've got to go".

"Can't you stay a little while? Please beauty" he begs her as they both stood up.

"I'm sorry, I also have to find her so we can go home. My mother would be worried sick looking for me."

"Please, pretty please" he begged her again.

"I had a nice time Nick, thank you very much.".

"Anytime" he smiles at her and she ran away. "Would I see you again? " he shouted after her.

"I guess so" she yelled back.

He ran after her,  "how about tomorrow, same time".

"I would try. Bye" she increased her speed and rushed out of the forest.

He stopped chasing after her and smiled. "Till next time beauty. Till next time. " He jumps up several times feeling happy.


Elsa has since lost sight of the soldiers. She went about in the town, after sometime she that the sun has started going down and rushes to the forest.

"Ohh no,  I lost track of time. Princess Dawn please be somewhere I can find you." She gets to the entrance of the forest and sees Dawn panting as she stood bending forward and leaning on a tree.

"Princess.. "

Dawn looks around and shush Elsa up.

"Elsa, I told you, whenever we are outside the palace call me Dawn not by my title. And besides call me Diane when we are outside the palace. I think changing my name is better. "

Elsa just stares at her "..... "

"Why are you staring at me that way?" Dawn asked her.

"I don't know, you tell me Diane.. "

"Well, its the name you're not sure about then".

"Good, you figured out that much.  Well I hope you had a nice time alone. "

"Umm,  no".

"What?  Where you attacked? Did the soldiers follow you?  What happened?  Tell me. "

"Huh,  none of that happened " Dawn looks at her like she's not okay.

"Then what is it,  why didn't you spend it alone? " asked Elsa.

"I met someone " she replied smiling.

"Who Dawn? "

She just stood there, staring at the forest.

"Huh,  hello princess.. Snap out of it". She claps her hands in front of Dawn,  bringing her back to reality. "Who did you meet?  Wait that boy who save you years ago? "


"Then who, I'm getting impatient here. "

"Let us be on our way, I'll tell you all about it". Dawn said to her, while moving past her. She walks a bit and notices Elsa not following. "Do you want mother to have a feat? Get moving Elsa. "

"You are acting funny Dawn". She walks closer and they headed home.

"So are you Elsa".

"I'm  not, anyways keep talking princess".

"I love it when you are curious Elsa, its cute".

"Cut it out, princess. Stop teasing".

"You know I'm right".

"Whatever you say. Now spill".

"Feisty are we now. " Elsa only gets more impatient. "Okay, okay, I met the young man I bumped into in the market.

"You bumped into a lot of people Dawn. "

"The one I slapped "

"You could have easily said that. "

"Where's the fun if I don't tease you".

"Not fair Dawn. " she pouts at Dawn.

"Now you look like the little sister I never had".

"I'll take that as a compliment your highness"

"Stop with the royalty stuff till we get back to the palace Elsa. "

"As you wish Diane".

They keep talking on their way back to the palace and Dawn told Elsa all about what hat between her and Nick.

"That's more like it".

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