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"Hello there, I thought you wouldn't come,” Eric replied her, with a cute smile spread across his face, making him all the more handsome.

Elsa who was still catching her breath couldn’t help but feel her heart flutter at his smile.

“Were you having so little faith in me?” She asked him. He could sense a hint of laughter in her voice and his smile broadened the more.

“No, I did not have little faith in you. It is just that you weren’t sure if you would come or not.” Eric replied to her question and proceeded to help her off the horse.

“Ughh, there you go. Nice and easy.”

“Thanks. So what are we going to be doing now that someone succeeded in stealing me away from my home and brought me here.”

Elsa’s cheeks turned pink at her own words, blushing at the thought that his sweet words earned him her coming here.

“Umm, let us see,” his fingers tapped on his chin lazily in a thinking manner. The next minute his eyes lit us as though an idea suddenly popped up in his head. “Ahh, I kn
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