The Fortune-teller


“YES! Ahh, haha–ha~”

Her short laughter filled the vicinity as she bobbed up and down on her feet with her hands raised in the air right above her.

Watching her like this, Nick could help but get more and more captivated by this new side of hers, her childlike side and he loved it. Loved the way she became free with him.

“It is time to fight?” His cool voice brought her back from her chirpy state and she landed on her feet, with her playful smile now completely gone.

He felt bad he had to stop her. E honestly loved the way she spread her wings like a free bird but then time was running out and he knew she would soon go. He also had another engagement to handle.

“I hate that I am the one to say this, but let’s move on?” he asked, gesturing with his head for them to move to their previous destination.

“It’s okay. I guess I got carried away and behaved unladylike. For

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