The High Lord's Undying Love


"It's beautiful."

Elsa appreciated the scenery and the thought behind everything. A bright smile danced on her lips as she turned to look at Eric. "I love it," her eyes twinkle with delight from sheer happiness. "Thank you."

Finally, Nick let out a long sigh and returned her smile.

"I'm glad you like it, but that's not all."

"It's not? There is more?" She asked again. To her, this was already more than enough, but here he was saying there was more.

Right now she felt free like a bird, especially with the gentle breeze of the cool afternoon sun blowing against her skin and ruffling her hair.

Elsa took a lung full of clean fresh air and exhaled loudly.

"There is more. You won't have to wait long though, as it is about to start."

Elsa's brows creased in confusion, trying to fathom what other surprised he had but his charming expression gave her quite the assurance and as he stood, she followed him, moving close to his side.

She followed the line of his eyes and her eyes landed
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