The Kiss


“I cannot promise you riches and fireworks as grand as this, but all I have to give you now, is my undying love for you.”


As soon as his name left her lips, he pushed his head forward and surprisingly she found herself not backing out from him but leaning closer till their nose brushed against each other.

With eyes fluttering close, Eric snaked his free hand up to gently cup her face in his hands and his lips captured hers in a hot kiss.


Several fireworks flew into the sky at that moment further beautifying the scene. From afar they looked like a couple in

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Danette Bowman Bradley
Completely agree!! The last three I have read have been the same way!!! Seems they Never finish the stories!!
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what? the story just ended like that? It would be great if prince Daw and Princess Dawn meet. I wouldn't have read the story of I knew the ending will be like this.😞
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