Hidden door to The Microscopic World
Hidden door to The Microscopic World
Author: Starlight

Prologue - Before Everything Begins

Our world, our home planet Earth had been our realm for so many years and yet it had been so little construed. Our world had been the most diverse and most beautiful and most precious and also the most mysterious in all of its prospects than any other planet in the universe.

Yet, Most of our lives walk through the most ordinary and exceptional roads where we look for a better life, jobs, money etc. But, Our childhood had been different. Those years had been the place where all the stories we read and watch were real to us and we always hoped them to turn out true. Then what it would be like crossing path with one of the secrets of the Universe which didn't belong to any story that we read before or watched before. How things would have changed for our precious childhood?

We remember how most of us disliked putting our minds into subjective textbooks so what would have been like watching them as real happenings?

Sometimes not alone our experiences but our way to perceive them can make all the difference.

Let's dive into the life of Arjun and his friends into a most ordinary day which took a different turn.  


It is summer. The days are very hot. But the city is as busy as ever. Streets have many stalls of cold drinks and ice cream, which are busy and crowded too. 

Going to the outskirts of the city, a big house can be seen. 

This house although furnished holds some antique things, just like a clock which is working on the pendulum, that is going to and fro continuously. This clock is saying that it is 4 pm. 

Although the rainy season won't take long to arrive. And, The summer is still not over but summer vacation has ended now. It is the last day of summer holidays for all the students. 

By the side of this dinning room, there is a courtyard, a child is playing with the football here, passing the ball continuously from his knee to knee. 

'' Master Arjun, I think Ritvik won't be able to come today. I received a call from his mother. "

 It was Aunt Marry. Marry is Arjun caretaker. She was from a good household. She and her husband were running a startup that failed and now due to financial problems, she was doing this job. Her husband and Arjun's father have been classmates during school days. Arjun gets along well with his aunt Marry. Arjun was like her own son to her. 

'' I know aunt, he is going to yearly fair tonight. " Arjun was still moving the ball around. 

" So how about having french fries today, along with the ben10 movie that is about to telecast in an hour. '' Marry asked him.

There was amusement in her eyes. And excitement in the eyes of a little boy right in front of her. 

"It will be a great aunt, I almost forgot. "

'' Then bring your holiday homework that was left yesterday, let's complete it before the movie, or you may miss it. " 

Arjun sighed "I can do it after the movie aunt  .... "

'' No excuses, or else I will think that our great master is already admitting defeat. '' 

Arjun had no choice but to bring the homework. He was grateful that his aunt was around. he was obedient to her. Arjun was a single child, his both parents are working. They couldn't trust anyone, so he was all by himself most of the time.

Sometimes his parents would allow him to come to their office but it was boring because they didn't let him mess around and he was bound only to complete his homework. His parents sometimes do send him to Mary's home so he was okay with her. She knew to handle him. So when a year before she volunteered to become his caretaker, they were happy to accept it. His parents also respect her. It was the best place for her too. 

 Till Arjun is completing his homework and watching his movie, let's visit the forest that is very near to their home. 

The forest was not very far from their home. It was covered with trees and bushes but it was not very dense. It didn't even had any fierce animals. But it was home to many little animals like squirrels, rabbits, tailor birds can be easily found if you look around.There is also a waterfall nearby.

A  little while ago, a group of PhD students visited this area. It is said that a meteorite fell on this area, a long time ago. But as scientists were unable to find anything there, they stopped visiting this area. Now only PhD students of geophysicists or chemists visit here. 

A shinning chip is lying on the ground by the side of stone, near fall. Only God knows whether it was something that was left by one of the PhD students or whether it is something left by a meteorite a long time ago. 

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