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"You will find everyone here is nosy." Kara clutched at her book as they matched out of the class after Mrs. Andrews' lecture. "Are you Hungry?"

"No." Ava replied fixing a ring on her pinky fingure.

"Well am not either. Should I give you a tour around." Kara eagerly asked looking at Ava from head to toe. "I never noticed at first but your clothing style is a crash you know."

"I will take the tour and quit the talk about my clothing style. I appreciate the compliment though. " Ava trolled fast living Kara a few steps behind when she was announced needed in the principal's office.

Kara crunched into her complying a warning.

"I don't mean to bother you but, I wish to tell you this. Um... well get you prepared for that call." Kara scratched her arm.

"What?" Ava seriously asked.

"Nothing. Nothing.... nothing at all. You can proceed with what your about to do and I will just mind my business. okay?.... Bye." She turned around making it look like she had nothing to say.

Mr. Andrews was swinging on his chair trying to find balance when Ava verged into his office without knocking.

"Those are some manners you got there miss. Sinclair. Please return to the door and knock." Andrews pounded his desk scaring Ava back to the door.

Looking all overly stepped on and crushed, Ava knocked.

"Who there?" Andrews asked minimizingly.

"Ava." She replied extensively smiling at herself.

"Come in and have a seat." Ava threw the door open and took a seat at the table. "You don't just verge on people like that without warning okay? "

"Am sorry sir." She replied calmly. "You called me?"

"Yes! I have a fax for you from Brenda Sinclair. I assume that's your mother."

"Can I read it." Ava enthusiastically asked.

"Yes, but not here in my office. right?" Andrews tried to understand.

"I want to read in here. I will need to reply right away if you don't mind sir."

"No problem. You can just... um.... do you need any privacy reading it?" Andrews handed Ava her letter.

"No! I don't. Only when am writing. I will need a pen." She smiled.

"But anyways. I will just live you to it. I have an errand to run. If your done writing please place the letter on the table. I will make sure its delivered to the right person." Andrews headed out.

Awaiting what was written in the letter, Ava's interest depressed opening it. Sending a serious face as it read.

My dearest Ava, I know I can't justify my ignorance. My submissiveness has led to all this. All I want you to know is am sorry from heart. I won't let you feel alone in that place. Assuming how it is for you to change a life so suddenly keeps me broken everyday. I want to know how your are doing. How is that place talking you? Are you eating well?

I know its alot to ask but I don't want you to loose your beautiful smile that kept everyone around want to keep you to themselves. The sense of humour that passed every difficulty that came your way. Keep smiling and know that one of the many days, you will have a reason to appreciate everything you've been through. 

I know I usually tell you to cry it out but this time I don't want you too. I don't want to know your crying and am not there to comfort you.

I will oftenly make time to come and see you. Talk about the fun times and I want you to ask me for anything you need. Anything, I will surely make it. "

Lots of love.


Ending the read, Ava was tearing out, folded the letter back in the envelope. She picked up a Pen and paper to start writing. Thoughts ran through her head as she tried to find a start.


How are you mom?

It's funny how you ask me not to cry and yet you know for sure am doing quite the opposite.

You know what I preciously want can't be granted by you but still. I need something impatiently. I need to speak to Audrey in person. If only you can get her to meet here when you come to see me. Just this once I ask. Last time I saw her, we didn't end well. 

Thank you for writing to me. It makes me feel less alone.

Your only daughter.


She put the letter in an envelope, placed the pen on the table and headed out of the office. Kara was still waiting for her in the hall way leaning against the wall.

"So, should we go for the tour." Ava grabbed Kara by the arm.

"That's a smile you have on there Ava. So there is someone that makes you smile huh." Kara bumped on Ava's shoulder.

"What do you mean someone that makes me smile?"

"Well, for passed the passed hours I've seen you, your face has been flogged or someone but after you came out of the principal's office. Its shinning."

"Well, my mom had sent me a letter that's all." Kara changed to a sad face expression. "Let's proceed. Shall we?" Ava pulled her close.

"First you should know, this is manning university, my last name." They both stood at the entrance stairs. "Well bluh... bluh... bluh. It was found by my great grand parents I don't know about."

"If we are going to bluh.. bluh.. bluh around the whole university, then we better just go for lunch. I will take the tour by myself." Ava turned a joking face seriously.

"No no no no....... no. It's just that the intro here tires me out but ..... I will start over again. My apologies please." Kara took a few steps back to start over again.

"Relax... ha... I was just kidding... actually I made my homework about manning so all i need is just a tour around so i won't get lost when am on my own." Ava took steps back as well grabbing Kara by the hand. "I think we shall get on pretty well. Right?" They both went down the stairs smiling.

"Yeah, i think we will." Kara answered.

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