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"The tour ends right here. The school library. My favourite place." Kara took a seat at the top of a table. "Hello mister. Clement." Said she.

"Hello Kara."

"So the library is your favourite spot huh." Ava said seating next to her.

"Well yeah. Mostly because it's quiet. Few students come around here. It's peaceful and mostly private."

"Okay then. Since the tour in done, can we should head back. I need to do some shopping for my house early at the town market which I don't know where to find."

"I can help. with the shopping. I Can help with directions. Am good at that and I think I've proven myself already haven't I?"

"I don't want to bother you anymore Kara."

"No!"snapped Kara. "Its not a bother at all. On the contrary. I will be able to lessen the time of reporting home like a ninth grade kid."

"Alright. I see you got yourself an excuse. Thanks anyway." They both walked back to school.

Before evening dark, they were already at the market. Kara picking up a few amazing items.

"Since you have done so much for me today. I would love to invite you for a drink at my small house your dearest father got me." Exaggerated Ava.

"I can't turn down the offer. I would love to join you. Shall we?" They both headed to Ava's truck which parked across the street.

"So tell me about manning the town and you people." Driving careful through the street.

"Well. People here have a nosy reputation. I think you have noticed that already. A number of them are very helpful. Like miss. Stephanie from that store." Pointed Kara at an average old lady who waved back at her. "The others can be a little harsh but all to say. Manning is a wet town but worthy the stay.

"Alright. Thanks for the updates. So I shouldn't be mad at all those bitter faces staring right now. " Ava picked through the mirror.

"No. Not really. All you need is a better ton of living." Said Kara.

"I can try."

It was six thirty evening when they both arrived Ava's cottage. Took out the groceries and slang inside.

"Did you clean up the mess that was here all by yourself?" Asked Kara.

"Oh yeah if you only met it before it was clean."

" well we all know about this cottage. So it's good news to see it this illuminated." Kara complimented. " you don't seem like you are from a well off family."

"When I say that's a step for me. You wouldn't understand." Said Ava as she put away the groceries for the table and grabbed two bottles of beer back to Kara.

"I actually don't drink. " kara said.

"Oh okay. Since you don't um... drink.... a cup of coffee? Basically what I hate making." Ava smirked.

" oh okay! I can make it. I love making coffee. Show me the equipment and I will make some for you." hurriedly skiding a table stool to her side. Kara picked up the kettle from the table and over to the kitchen.

"Am embarrassed. I invite you over for a drink and you become the chef. Who are you?" Looking in amusement clearly very aspired. "You too don't seen to be the mayor's daughter."

"Well, I'm but i love providing special service especially to cute people like you."

"Not to seen ungrateful, let me help out. Well you can teach me how to make one cup of coffee so when I have you back, I won't have to see you make coffee for me again."

"Well. Head on then."

They both checked in the kitchen, had a pot of water on for it to boil. Took a few starts conversating about a million things that made them laugh. Poured out cups of coffee and took seats at the irritating coach that was set by the table.

Past ten at night when Kara realized how late it was.

"Wow. Its ten and we didn't notice." Said she.

"You are a fun one to hang out with but. You need to hurry home. Let me drive you." Said Ava picking up her car keys from the table. Drifting her jacket on. Slammed the door behind from the house to the car.

Taking kara's directions. In ten, they were at the big house of the mayor.

"Have a good night." Said Ava giving Kara an appreciative giggle. "See you at school tomorrow.

"See you at school. "

Ava sat still waiting for Kara to head inside the house and when that was done, she took a roll and headed back to her cottage.

She put the coffee cups at the sink with a smile on. Took a shower and led to bed.

Better yet the next morning had knocked and Ava was all ready for school. She took her bag pack and threw her jacket on. In minutes, she was at the manning university grounds and Kara was just at the hall entrance waiting when she saw her station her car in the lot.

"Hey you good morning." Greeted Kara.

"Good morning. And how was you late sleep night?"

"Fine. I had someone pissed but all in all..... it was great. Slept like myself."

"Ha ha... who do you always sleep like." Ava picked her bag pack from the other car seat and slammed the car door locked as they bother headed to class chatting.

Miguel Dante was all settled in Kara's seat when they headed in. She clutched A seat just close to her and pointed as she said.

"Not today Dante. Just head back to your seat."

"Is that so miss. Manning?" The whole class ruthlessly giggled having Ava surprised to how they watch a grown old boy bully Kara.

"She said move Dante. Now move." Ava turned a demandful face that had everyone quiet when Dante mocked her.

"Oh. What are you to do about it Tom." Said he growing closing to Ava.

"Everything. Everything there is to do. I will." Pocking Dante on the chest. "Don't you ever bother her gain okay. Or you will answer to me." She passed back to the chair that was just next to Kara's. "If ever I find anyone at these two seats. You will feel my wrath. I promise." She threw herself in the chair and placed her bag at the back.

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Misokuhle Mkhonza
The story seems great, however the grammar is killing me. it's not fun reading a book with bad grammar

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