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"How often does this happen?" Asked Ava as they both took a seat.

"No forget about it."

"No... no.. I hard you clearly Kara. You said not today. That means it's often, I guess it's the reason why you weren't in class yesterday whenI arrived."

"No!.. how do the two things connect. No." Fouled Kara

"Well I'm not stupid and your face says otherwise so." Shrugged Ava as she continued Whispering. "I can't stand there kind, and I won't give a blind eye if ever I learn he's done something to you."

"Wait now are you my boyfriend?" Smirked Kara.

"No... of course not but this is me and I take care of my friends."

"So now we are friends?"

" well I can chuck you right now and call Dante over to my seat so I can take his." Joked Ava.

"Oh... so i take the friend you offer."

"Yeah... i see he scares you. He should be scared of you?"

"Well he has his reasons so. Let's stop the talk about this. Mr. Alfonso is already here. "

"For now yeah... but later we talk." Whispered as the old chemistry gentleman stared at them.

"Uh huh."

"Okay student. I'm in class so..quiet."

Mr. Alfonso picked up a mark pencil to start teaching as the class patiently waited.

Dante though was making paper balls in mounts and throwing them to Kara when Ava wasn't looking. It went on repeatedly until one hit Ava at her forehead. She gazed to see who it was but never got too so she pretended to look into her work as yet again Dante started to throw the papers.

When Ava picked a gaze of him, she stood from her seat and walked over to Dante who stattered to the stand of her. Grabbed both of his hands twisted to his writing table, his wrist at the edge of the table and pounded them down repeatedly as everyone watched.

Immediately Mr. Aflonso turned to the feeling of a situation and asked Ava to stop just when she was about to slap Dante.

"I learnt you're a problematic person Ava Sinclair but here in my class and this school, we don't fight." Explained the teacher. "After school. Detention miss. "

"Well I asked her too." Commentated Kara.

"You too then, after school, you both have detention."

Ava left Dante and worked back to her seat and there she stared at him growling on the inside and then turned to Kara.

"Are you sick or something?" Ava asked whispering as Mr. Alfonso turned to his board again.


"Then why did you say you asked me too? You're crazy."

"Well because it's me you were fighting for.right?"

"Don't flutter yourself queen. I received a paper ball on my forehead. That's why?"

"Okay then, but it's already done. Detention for the two of us."

They both sat calmly again to concentrate. when the class had ended and Mr. Alfonso left the room, Ava quickly rose from her seat and trolled over to Dante who was parking his bag to head out.

"Listen to me Dante." Fouled Ava pulling him closed by his jacket. "Don't you ever play dumb around me. "

"What's with you girl, it was a joke."

"Well I don't like joke Manuel. I don't. Don't you ever play funny with me and with Kara if not, then you will find out why I was sent to this town."

She let Manuel go and picked up her bag pack, grabbed Kara by the wrist and led the way out as everyone who was still in class kept a serious gaze at them.

"Wow. Where were you when I needed you the most." Joked Ava as they both walked through the hall way to the cafeteria.

"This is serious Kara."

"I'm serious thou."

Everyone was gazing at them kinda like the news had travelled already.

"So what does your cafeteria serve for break recess."

"Well, tacos, enchiladas, lasagna, frozen pizza, orange juice and burgers."

"Oh... not amusing but atleast they have tacos and nuggets. "

"Have you found anything you don't complain about?"

"Well I think so, you."

They both walked to the cafeteria.

Ava ordered tacos and the juice which Kara contradicted and ordered the enchiladas with no juice at al

"You weird." Commented Ava as she stared at Kara's enchiladas.

"Well I don't like tacos. That's all."

"If you didn't like tacos, they wouldn't have come first when I asked you about the food."

"Oh... well I don't like the now."

It was then a few minutes later when the bell rang again to end recess.

They both walked back to class for the art lesson. Then later after school, mr. Alfonso came in to look for them for there detention which took one full hour and it was six p.m.

Kara though asked to go with Ava and spent sometime at her place, keep her company and distracted.

When they reached her cottage, out was parked a sport Mitsubishi outlander that was clearly familiar to Ava.

"Seems you have guests." Said Kara.

"Yeah it my mom."

"But they are two of them, is one your sister?"

"Really.. no I don't have a sister. That's Audrey I think."

"A friend or something. "

"Too many questions dear. She and I had something. Maybe have i think!"

"Don't tell me. You're ... um... that?" Smirked Kara.

"Yeah... I'm that huh.... a lesbian.. please don't tell anyone my dad will get embarrassed. "

"No a word."

"Don't worry am joking. "

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