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"Will you wait for me? To take you home?" Inquired Ava heading out of the car.

"Maybe. It will depend." Replied kara.

She hurriedly reached the car. Brenda was though looking overwhelmed. Her grey eyes were fixed to her daughter ready to tear out. and Audrey. Chocolate skinned, crazy curly hair with very brown eye balls. She though looked very pissed and insinuated being force to get there in the first place.

Brenda slowly got out of the car straight in the arms of her daughter.

"Oh sweetheart." Sobbed she.

"It's alright mom, I'm okay. Thank you for coming. Audrey?" Replied Ava keeping her eyes on Audrey who was still seated still in the car.

"I will give you space." Whispered brenda in Ava's ear.

"Shall we talk inside the house. Please Audrey?" Requested Ava as Audrey untied her seatbelt. "Please mom, help drive Kara home. I know it's silly but please do. " continued she walking to her car. "Hey Kara. My mom will drive you home. See you tomorrow? "

"No! I can get home myself." Replied Kara.

"No. It's no bigger of a deal. I will take you home dear. Should I use you car Ava?" Answered brenda.

"Sure. The keys are still inside. Thank you mom. Goodnight kara." Responded Ava when brenda got inside the car to set off.

It was then when the car drove off when she and Audrey headed inside.

"A drink? " inquired Ava.

"No! I'm not here to drink though." Replied Audrey angrily.

"Yeah. How are you then?"

"Fine. Since you left. I've been okay!"

"About what happened. Please forgive me."

"That won't do Ava. You apologising isn't something that will change what my parents think of me. My dad? It won't do."

"Look Audrey, I say sorry not because I think what I did was wrong. It was about time."

"I asked for more time. You couldn't wait any longer?"

"Its been five years. How long were you planning to keep us a secret. You know very well that I need to have you with or without anyone's permission but with honesty. That's why I did that. That's why I kissed you infront of those cameras." Explained Ava.

"Yeah? Yes of course. Ava. The most righteous girl there is. I wasn't ready for anything. I wasn't ready to be public with you."

"What do you mean?"

"I wasn't thinking of having a serious relationship with you Ava. That's it. That's what it means."

"What did you tell your dad?" Inquired Ava scaring the tears away.

"That you forced me to kiss you. As they all know your very hedonistic. It wasn't hard to convince them." Rubbed Audrey.

"Ha... ha! Ha.... Haha. Wow. I'm hedonistic they say. That's not what they think of me........ That's what you think of me. All this time, I've wasted my feelings with you. I thought we had something going on."

"I did as well. I thought we had something." Replied Audrey. "I don't want to see you again. Ever."

"Yeah. I think I don't too either. Now please get out. Get out." Exclaimed Ava opening the door to shove audrey out.

As they closed to the door, Brenda had also returned and parking outside.

For a few seconds, Ava stood still in the door way till Brenda pushed her back inside shutting the door.

"It wasn't a good Idea, i knew it." Stated brenda.

"It was mom. Well now, I finally know what to not hope for. Does she even know that she was the reason i was sent here?"

"She doesn't need too. I always didn't think she was right for you. But I respected your choices."

"Not with that mom."

"Yeah. But this young girl. Kara? Well, she is quite a catch I see." Smirked brenda.

"I love you mom." Responded Ava grabbing a hug. "The way you always cheer me up."

"Well.... that's what I can do for you now. And? I almost forgot. I got you some money. Since I couldn't stop your dad from sending you to this horrible place, I got to withdraw some money from one of his credit cards. "

"No mom. No. "

"I'm kidding. This is mine." Explained she getting up from the couch out to the car. "But it would be a good idea as well."

She reached the back seat and took out a small bag heading back to Ava. "Get yourself a new couch. That one is disgusting. " continued brenda.

"How much is this?"

"A hundred fifty thousand dollars. Just for the time till I cash your dad."

"Oh mom please don't do that."

"Okay I promise. But if he provokes me."

"No nothing. Don't. " chuckled Ava. "Please take her home."

"I will." Replied Brenda getting close to her daughter. "Sometimes I wonder why God didn't create everyone like you."

"Oh mom. Stop it. Just live so I won't miss you soon."

"I will be back. We didn't get time to speak. But! When I return, nothing will be destructe our sweet mother-daughter talks."

"Bye mom." Said Ava politely.

"Bye honey. And the cute girl. Think about it."whispered brenda.

"Just live already."

Brenda walked briskly to her car and In a while, she sent off. It was around nine thirty in the night when everything went back to lonely. Ava closed herself inside the house carrying the cash bag. Sat to think of everything then suddenly, she broke in tears with laughter as she commenced speaking loudly to herself.

"That bitch. That bitch. I hate you Audrey." Sobbed she.

"I fell so madly in love with you. So stupidly. I'm so stupid. I'm so silly." Continued she pounding the table then clumsily worked to her bedroom and laid to sleep.

The morning wasn't to be employed with anything. She decided to stay worked up in bed sobbing to herself. It was approximately ten passed one in the afternoon when Kara came knocking at her door.

She though had had a very lazy night. Her father had heard of how friendly she and Ava were and punishing her for it.

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