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"Hey. Open up already." Loudly knocked Kara who had been standing there for about five minutes.

In a beat after, Ava crucked the door open for Kara to head in as she proceeded with covering herself in the sheets again.

"Good morning." Said Kara sarcastically.

" Morning? Is it? " responded Ava sniffing.

"So. Last evening. It was bad wasn't it? " questioned kara.

"Is it so obvious?"

"No. Nooo. Not at all. That's why I was asking."


"Of course its obvious. Look at you. I can't see you like this." snapped Kara.


"Its just that well. I don't know who this is now. " pointed Kara at the saddest Ava. "I've not known you yet to be so emotional and very... um... what's the word? Yeah. Chicky."

"What do you mean?" Inquired Ava.

"I've seen you so manly, flogged but not this. Uh. forget my explanation. Just get out of bed now."

"I don't want too." Slacked Ava nearly banging her head.

"Ummm.... ha. Just get up. Let's have lunch together."

"Is it already lunchtime?"

"No... I don't know. Is it? Do you have a wrist watch? Wall watch perhaps?"

"Okay now I think I'm letting you take advantage of my vulnerability. " stated Ava.

"I hoped you notice. Now get up already. "

"Alright. Were are we having lunch? "

"Right here."

"Ha. Your kidding right?"

"Nope. I'm not."

"I'm not cooking for you. " clarified Ava folding the covers.

"I know. So I came with lunch. I bet you can't cook tomatoes. So I can't trust you cooking for me." Giggled Kara heading out of Ava's bedroom. "Hurry up. Lunch is served."

Ava headed into the bathroom while Kara laid out there plates to serve.

She had the place cleared from after the previous night, then headed on to serve them both. It was in a while when Ava joined her as well.

"You look um... stupid." Said Kara watching Ava dressed in her pyjamas.

"This is exclusive. " giggle Ava. "What I'm trying to say is that after lunch. I'm going no where."

"I can tell. But if that's what it takes to have you come out with me. Then I will drag you with your pyjamas. "

"That's not what I meant. "

"Then go change."

"Oh... your so persistent. "

"Thank you." Smirked Ava

It was then again in a while when she returned changed into a black long sleeved t shirt and an army green trouser with black boots.

"Alright. You look cute. "

"Thank you." Responded Ava. "Wow this looks good."

The Noodles, Spinach and chicken soup with vegetable rice well dressed in a bowl.

"I made it myself."

"Oh yeah.... so you love cooking. You can make a good wife I see."

"Hmm. Hmm. Ha. What do you mean?" Chocked Kara.

"Well. If you get a man who loves food. You can be a good wife." Explained kara.

"A man. Oh yes a man. Yeah!"

"What?" Chuckled Ava.

"Nothing. What? Is there something? "

"No... just go on with your lunch."

They both dug in the bowls quiet then headed on for dessert. The cold Rocotta and berries. After they were all done, Kara made the dishes which took her a while as Ava sat at the couch destructing her.

"So what do you think of this cute couch? Do you think I should do a feng shui? "

"What's that?" Inquired Kara with curiosity.

"Huh... never mind. Can you help me choose some stuff for the house?"

"Sure.... you should change the couch. Your bed.. hahaha! Your bed is silly. there is someone I know in town who can help with this place."

"Alright.... but you choose the furniture? I love your taste so far."

"Okay. I will help out with that. " concluded Kara.

After they were done with cleaning up the mess made. They both headed out to town.

Fully packed place, lots of elderly passing through the corners that separated the different shopping buildings. A few average of age and the teenagers in their different opposing cohorts.

As they drove to pack at the gas station, Dante stopped their car with his maroon Ram one five hundred truck.

"What does he want now." Whined Kara.

"Trouble. He wants trouble."

"Get out of the truck Tom." Shouted Dante.

Slowly, Ava let the seatbelt loose and headed out of the car crossing her arms below her breasts, cross legged with her back drooping against the truck.

"How are you Dante?" Teased Ava.

"Yeah. How are you?." Growled the guy growing close to Ava. Both his hands held support for him on Ava's car as he stood defensive keeping Ava between his two hands. 

"Yeah. How are you Dante?"

"Look around you Tom. You are misplaced boy girl. And here, this is my place. My territory. "

"Oh... okay then, keep calm and I will live already?" Inquired Ava trying to go loose from the guarding arms which held tight.

"Not so fast. You need to pay for what happened at school yesterday. "

"Oh that. You should learn to keep your place boy. I guessed you took the liberty to understand but you didn't I see."

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