Ocean went back home. It was dusk by then. She didn't know how but she spent a whole day with Moon. As she stepped into the Villa, Jack came to her and wrapped his arms around her. For a moment she didn't understand what happened. He broke the hug and yelled at her.

Jack: Where the hell have you been?

She got scared, no one ever had talked to her this loud. Her eyes welled up and she ran back to her room. She locked herself in and sobbed hard. Ocean was a very pampered girl. Being an only child, her parents never scolded her, they never even raised their voices in front of her. She kept crying until all the tears engulfed her and she fell asleep.

On the other hand, Moon went back to his Villa and was welcomed by his angry, older brother, Zeus. Zeus wasn't just Moon's older brother but also the Alpha of the pack Moon's parents and all other creatures followed in New Orleans. He was strong, wise and very smart. All the other packs respected him. Moon was about to step in when Zeus blocked his way and asked him angrily.

Zeus: Where were you the whole day?

Moon: Chill bro, I was at the lake.

Zeus: The whole day?

Moon: Yep. Anything else, I'm hungry.

Zeus shook his head, seeing the childishness of his younger brother. Zeus knew about the gifted powers of Moon. It was his idea to keep it all a secret. He loved his younger brother so much and couldn't see him getting hurt ever. So they decided to keep Moon's powers a secret. He went back into the Villa, went to him and engulfed him in a long, strong bro hug. He had missed him. Moon was still a baby for him. He took all the responsibilities of the pack just because he never wanted his brother to bear all these burdens. He wanted Moon to live his life the way he wants. He broke the hug and they went to the dinning table together and ate together with so many brother to brother chats they hadn't had in a while.

Ocean woke up when she heard a knock on her bedroom door. She got up and slowly opened the door. Lora was standing on the other side of the door. She had a tray full of food and a glass of juice. She came in and sat at the edge of the bed. Ocean came and sat beside her. Lora didn't speak a single word. She filled a spoon with pasta and held it for Ocean to eat. Lora fed Ocean by her hands and she silently ate it all. As she finished her dinner Lora gave her the glass and she drank all the juice. Ocean gave the glass back to Lora, it was then she spoke in a low and loving tone.

Lora: What happened honey? Tell me.

Tears welled up in Ocean's eyes again as she slowly explained everything to Lora. It was then, she realized that she didn't tipped off but was pushed into the lake. Lora fumed up hearing all of the events that had happened in the morning. Ocean also told her that if it wasn't for Moon, she would have died. Everyone knew that Ocean can't swim. Her father never let her. Fuming in anger, she held Ocean's hand and took her to the living room where the triplets were watching a movie along with their father. Lora turned off the TV and angrily asked them. They tried to deny it but Jack always knew whenever his daughters tried to lie. Guilt washed over him and it was soon turned in anger. He stood up and spoke to his daughters.

Jack: Today you have done something that will never be forgiven. How could you even think of pushing her in that lake? And here you have told us a totally different story. I am grateful to Mr Kart who saved her. From now on, you three have restraining orders, all three of you staying far away from Ocean. I will speak to principal Albert and tell him that too. As I know none of you share a single class with her, if I found out any of you ever tried to lay a finger on Ocean, I won't hesitate for a single second to send all three of you to jail. Understood?

They all nodded and left the living room. Jack turned back to face Ocean, his eyes filled with fear. A tear escaped his eye and ocean wiped it off of his cheek. He pulled her in a protective hug, sobbing hard on his chest Ocean couldn't hold back her tears. Jack took her back to her bedroom and stayed by her side until she fell asleep, dreaming happily.

Weekend passed like a flash and Monday morning came. Both Ocean and Moon were excited to see each other back to school. Moon got ready, ate his breakfast real quick and ran to his car. Maria knew the reason for his excitement, she shook her head, smiling cheekily on his happiness. Moon got into the car and drove off fast. He reached the Knight's Villa in 15 minutes. He pressed his hand on the horn and Ocean came out. 

Ocean: Hey!

Moon: Hey!

They didn't speak much, Moon started the car and drove off fast. They reached the school, Moon parked his car and they both got out. They held hands and walked into the school. They were looking so cute. Everyone admired their couple where Mala and the triplets were burning in rage. They wanted to murder Ocean. Mala has been after Moon for so long and he never even looked at her. How could he? He was waiting for the angle of his life. Ocean was the only girl who caught Moon's eye. He was crazy for her. They happily went to their classes together. To their surprise, they had all the same subjects. Moon sat beside Ocean in each and every class and this time, Ocean happily sat with him. It was the break time, they both were sitting in the cafeteria together. Moon pushed a lock of hair behind her ear and she blushed hard. Smiling shyly, she looked in the other direction. Moon knew his effects on her. She looked more cute while blushing. He noticed everyone was looking at his Ocean, he angrily got up and yelled at everyone around him.

Moon: What? If you're hungry then eat something eatable, she's off limits. Now stop staring at her or I swear to God you all will be blind by tomorrow.

Ocean smiled at his over protectiveness, he was acting like her father, protective and possessive. He sat back down and spoke.

Moon: What are you doing today after school?

Ocean: I don't know. I have homework and test preparation.

Moon: That's all?

Ocean: Yes!

Moon: Okay then, I'll drop you back to your Villa. And we'll meet at the lake side in an hour again. I will help you with your test and the homework. Then we will have some fun together. What do you say?

Ocean: I don't know Moon.

Moon: What, say yes!

Ocean: I can't say yes before asking my uncle or aunt.

Moon: Then call them now and ask them.

Ocean: I can leave a message, aunt will reply as she will see it.

Ocean messaged Lora and she replied back in a minute. She allowed Ocean that she can go with Moon. Ocean happily told Moon whose smile was wider than before. 

After school, Moon dropped her back to the Villa. She got in and went straight to her room. She took a quick shower and changed into an orange summer dress that reached to her mid thighs. She wore her pumps and went downstairs. She was looking pretty. Lora served her some snacks, she had it. After a bit of time, she pulled her bag over her shoulder, bid her goodbyes and went to the woods. She reached the lake side in 20 minutes, but Moon was nowhere to be found. She put her bag on the ground and enjoyed the nature and beauty around her. She was carving the wood of a tree when she felt hot breaths on the nape of her neck. She panicked and tried to turn around but whoever it was, they were a lot more stronger than her. She couldn't move an inch. Her heartbeat rose, tears blurred her vision as she sobbed quietly and prayed to God for Moon's arrival. She knew he would save her.

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