A loud sob escaped Ocean's lips and Moon turned her around. She was scared and crying. Seeing Moon, she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck. Moon felt bad for scaring her like that. He sat on the ground with Ocean on his lap. She kept crying and Moon rubbed her back soothingly. She buried her face in the nape of his neck, inhaling his scent. It calmed her down, Moon smiled, knowing his effects on her. He pecked her forehead and she stopped crying. He rubbed the tip of his nose on her cheek, her cheeks turned pink along with her nose. She was blushing. Ocean had never been with a guy before, Moon was the very first guy in her life. She put her head on his shoulder and Moon inhaled deeply. He was happy that finally he was with his Ocean. He cupped her face and wiped her tears by his thumbs. They both stayed like this for a while. Then Moon made her sit on the ground and went to pick up their bags. He returned with both bags and they spent the next few hours doing homework and preparing for their tests. Moon was attending all of his classes now, principal Albert was really happy seeing this. After when they were done with their studies, they both sat together, talking to each other. It was getting dark, Moon walked with Ocean as he didn't want her to get in any sort of trouble. It was a forest and it was getting dark. They walked back, Ocean waved at him and turned around to leave but stopped in her tracks. She turned back to Moon and went close to him, he had a questioning look on his face as he didn't understand why she came back. Moon froze and his mouth hung open when Ocean pecked his cheek and ran back to the Villa. He touched the spot with the tip of his fingers where Ocean pecked him. He smiled and went back to his Villa. Jack saw the way Ocean behaved with Moon. She came in and greeted Jack and Lora. Jack was happy to see his niece smiling like she used to smile, before her parents died. Ocean had her dinner and then she went back to her room. She changed into a loose shirt and laid down on her bed. With all the events with Moon, she drifted off. 

Moon's heart was beating so fast when he reached his Villa. Zeus noticed that, and asked him the reason. Moon brushed it off and went to his room. He didn't eat anything and went to bed. He wanted to see her again, but that could only happen in the morning. Next morning Moon woke up all fresh. He took a quick shower and changed into Black jeans and gray t-shirt. He went downstairs and had his breakfast. Zeus was getting worried about his behavior, Moon used to wait for his brother and whenever he visited, they used to spend a lot of time together. But this time he was barely talking to Zeus. Moon bid his goodbyes and went to his car. Zeus asked his mother in curiosity. 

Zeus: What is going on with him?

Maria: What do you mean?

Zeus: Why is he acting like this? Is everything okay?

Maria: Everything's fine dear. Your brother has a girlfriend now. 

Zeus: Wait what?

Moon reached first at the lake and was waiting for Ocean. He was getting bored, so he decided to swim in the lake. He stripped off his clothes and jumped in the water. Ocean just heard a splash, like someone jumped in the water. She reached the lake side. She saw Moon's clothes but he wasn't there. She sat on the ground, knowing that he must be in the lake, swimming. Time passed by but he didn't come out. Ocean got worried but she couldn't do anything, she didn't know how to swim. She panicked and started calling him. At first Moon heard nothing, but then she screamed his name and it made its way to Moon's ears. He quickly went out. As he came out of water, Ocean quickly ran to him and hugged him tightly. Moon initially cursed himself and rubbed her back. She pushed him back and spoke in anger.

Ocean: What the hell Moon? What kind of sick prank was it?

Moon: Calm down Ocean, I was just swimming.

Ocean: You've been under the lake for more than 30 minutes, you didn't come out for a second.

Moon: No no. I was just in there for 5 minutes.

Ocean: Don't fool me Moon. I've been here for 30 minutes.

Moon: No, you're imagining things that's all.

Ocean: I can't believe you're lying to me. If you want it this way then it will be this way, good bye.

She turned around to leave but Moon stopped her.

Moon: Okay fine, I'm telling you everything. But you have to promise me to keep it a secret.

She nodded her head and he made her sit. He took a deep breath and started speaking.

Moon: I'm not a human. I'm a supernatural creature called undine. We can breath under water. We can swim fast like a fish. But we can't survive without water. I come here daily and swim for hours.

Ocean: You want me to believe this. I can't believe you are lying to me again.

Moon: I'm not lying to you, I swear. You don't believe me, I can show you. Please, just let me show you.

She sighed in defeat and nodded her head. Moon told her to strip off her clothes and she did. He took her hand and went to the water. Moon told her to hold her breath. He took her inside. Under the water, Ocean saw Moon's skin was green and glowing. He was right, she saw him breathing underwater, like he's a fish. She got scared, Moon noticed her expression and he got her out of the water. She quickly wore her clothes back and left. Moon was now hurt, he felt an ache in his heart. He went back to his Villa, and went straight to his room. He didn't speak to anyone, not even Maria. He couldn't tell anyone that he told his secret to Ocean or her life could be in danger. Ocean went back to home, but she couldn't focus on anything. After dinner she went to bed, she was scared of him. Next morning, Moon had his breakfast and then he left for school. Jack dropped Ocean at school. She ignored Moon all day, he tried to talk to her but she didn't let him. He was feeling really low by the end of the day. He asked Jake to drop him back to his Villa as he wasn't feeling well. Jake dropped him and he went straight to his room. He laid on his bed and drifted off. Zeus came to check on his brother, he was worried. He knew something was off about him. He wasn't eating well, he wasn't swimming, he didn't talk much. He sat at the edge of the bed, Moon was in deep sleep. Zues put his hand on his forehead and realized that Moon had fever. He quickly called the pack doctor. Doctor checked Moon and spoke.

Doctor: He's stressed about something, something is bothering him. Let him sleep. He will feel better by the morning. 

Zues nodded, the doctor bowed his head and left. A few days passed by, Ocean daily attended school but Moon didn't come. She was still afraid of him, but she missed him more. She didn't have any ways to contact him. She went to Jake and asked him.

Ocean: Hey! Can I ask you something?

Jake: Sure, What's up?

Ocean: Why isn't moon coming to school?

Jake: He has been sick for a few days. That's why. I went to meet him. He's pale and he got a bit thin. I don't know what's wrong with him, but he's not good.

Saying that Jake left for his class and Ocean was feeling guilty. She knew it was her fault that he's sick. She made up her mind that she will visit the lake after school, hoping to find Moon there.

After school, she went to the lake. She saw Moon was sitting on the ground. Jake was right. His skin was pale and he was thin. He looked like a mess. Guilt washed over her as she quickly ran to him and hugged him from behind. 

Ocean: I'm so sorry for being a total brat. Please forgive me. I hurt you so much. I'm so so sorry. But I promise I won't do anything like this ever again.

Moon smiled at her apology, he turned around and pulled her to his chest. He kissed the top of her head and spoke.

Moon: It's okay, everything is fine. Don't cry. 

They stayed like this for a while then they both returned back to their homes. Moon went back and asked her mom for dinner. He felt hungry. Maria smiled and gave him pasta to eat. He felt a lot better after meeting Ocean, though he wanted to see her. After dinner he went back to his room, he tried for hours to fell asleep but he couldn't. He was missing his Ocean. He got up from his bed and looked out of his window. He wanted to see her now. It was 2 in the morning when he opened his window and jumped out. He went to Knight's Villa to see her. It was late but he couldn't help it. He hoped for her to be awake as he climbed up and entered her room through her window. She told him before about her room. It was easy to get into her room without getting noticed. Ocean came out of the bathroom, only in her bathrobe. She was humming a song. Suddenly someone grabbed her and pushed her to the bed. She came out of the shock when she noticed it was Moon who pinned her to the bed. They both stared at each other and Moon started leaning in.

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