Moon pinned Ocean on her bed, her heart was jumping in her ribcage. Moon leaned in and pecked her lips. He smirked when he noticed her cheeks turned red. He intertwined his fingers with hers and kissed her. He bit her lower lip asking for entrance, she parted her lips and his tongue slid into her mouth. Her mouth tasted like chocolates. He broke the kiss and licked her saliva from her lips. She opened her eyes to look at him. It was her first kiss and she was glad it was with Moon. Moon grabbed her by her hips and with a swing she was on top of him. Moon wrapped his arms around her waist protectively. She put her head on his chest, listening to the sweet beat of his heart. Then she got up and Moon gave her a questioning look. She smiled shyly and spoke.

Ocean: I need to wear something.

Moon chuckled lightly as she ran into her closet. She came back in 5 minutes, wearing a long loose shirt that reached to her upper thighs. She crawled into bed with Moon, he held her small figure tightly and she put her head on his chest. Moon played with her long red hair and spoke.

Moon: Was that your first kiss?

Ocean: Yes.

Moon: How was it?

She raised her head to look in his eyes and then she spoke with a shy smile on her lips.

Ocean: It was perfect.

Moon smiled and kissed on top of her head. Moon pulled her on him and they both drifted off.

Next morning, Moon woke up before Ocean. He looked at his angle, sleeping peacefully on him. He gently put her on the bed and looked at her face. She was sleeping like a baby. He couldn't control himself, he kissed her both cheeks, then her forehead and at last he pecked her lips. She didn't wake up. He looked at her cylinder neck. He leaned in and placed a wet kiss on her neck, a moan slipped her mouth as she opened her eyes to look at Moon. She thought he would leave by the morning but he stayed, she was beyond happy. He again kissed her neck and she arched her back to give him better access. He took the cue and nibbled her pulse. She gasped and entangled her fingers with his hair. Before he could lose all of his control, he stopped. She gave him a confused look and he spoke.

Moon: If I don't stop now, then I'll end up doing something that you're not ready for.

She got even more confused, he smirked at her and reality hit her. Her eyes widened and her face blushed even more. He pinched her cheek and got up from bed. He kissed her forehead and carefully climbed down from her window.

Moon reached his home, Zeus saw him walking in and he ran to Moon. He stood in front of Moon and engulfed him. Moon was shocked with a sudden powerful hug. He broke the hug and spoke in a deep angry voice. 

Zeus: Where have you been?

Moon: Out.

Moon said as he totally ignored his brother and went inside the house. Zeus followed him, fuming up more in anger.

Zeus: What do you mean by out?

Moon: Out means out….

He said as he downed a full bottle of water without taking a break.

Zeus: Do you have any idea how worried I was?

He said, getting angrier.

Moon: Oh for God's sake, I'm not a baby, stop being annoying. I know what I'm doing and you don't need to get worried every time I'm home late.

Hearing Moon, Zeus' anger rose even more. Moon never talked to him like that, he was about to yell at his brother but he controlled himself and walked away, huffing and puffing in anger. Moon went upstairs to his room, he hopped in a warm shower. Maria entered his room when he just came out of the bathroom only in his jeans. He saw his mother and covered his half naked body with the towel and spoke to his mother in an embarrassed tone.

Moon: Ma knock before you come in.

Maria giggled and replied.

Maria: You can spend a whole night in a girl's bedroom but you're embarrassed with your mother while you're just half naked.

Moon embarrassed looks were now replaced with a shock as he asked his mother.

Moon: How do you know ma, that I was with her.

Maria: I know you Moon. I know the way your eyes shine every time you see her. How are things now between you both?

Moon: It's been good ma. She's so cute. She blush even when I cup her face.

Maria: I'm glad that you are happy. I want to meet her now.

Moon: Ma you know Zeus is here and I can't stand anyone laying a finger on her. She's a human and I know Zeus will be mad at her.

Maria: He'll be leaving in two days, then you can call her to have dinner with us. 

Moon: Okay that can work. I'm sure you're gonna love her. She's so so sweet.

Maria giggled, seeing his excitement. She got up and went out of his room. Moon got ready for school, had his breakfast quickly and left to pick Ocean.

Two days passed in a flash, Zeus was leaving. Moon told Ocean about the dinner his mother had planned to meet Ocean. Zeus bid his goodbyes to his parents and Moon walked him out. Hesitantly he spoke to his brother.

Moon: I'm sorry Zeus, I shouldn't have talked to you that way. Please forgive me.

Zeus patted his shoulder brotherly and spoke.

Zues: It's okay. It's not all your fault. So don't apologise.

Moon gave him a weak smile and Zeus spoke again.

Zeus: She's a very precious young lady, take care of her. She's actually the one for you.

Moon's mouth hung open as he spoke again.

Moon: How did you know?

Zeus: I'm your brother, I know you well. And it's not impossible for me to find her.

Moon gave him an understanding smile and Zeus left.

Zeus felt a bit guilty to treat a lady so horribly but he couldn't help. He loves his brother and he can't bear to imagine Moon being hurt.

               Flash back

Ocean was going back home when Zeus followed her, he heard her saying that her uncle and his family will leave and she'll be alone at her place. He followed her and waited till Mr and Mrs Knight left with their daughters. Ocean stayed in because she had a test preparation and Moon didn't let her touch a book. He was so romantic and didn't let her off of his lap. She came out of the bathroom and screamed when she saw a stranger sitting on her bed. She asked in a fearful voice.

Ocean: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Zeus looked at her. He stood up and walked to her, he stood in front of her and then spoke.

Zeus: So you are that very girl who is manipulating my brother.

Ocean: You're Moon's brother?

Zeus: Yes. I'm his brother and I wanna know, what do you want from him?

Ocean: Excuse me!

Zeus: Don't be so surprised, I know girls like you. All you care about is money and fame. You can get it wherever you want. Stay away from Moon.

Ocean: I won't. 

She said, keeping her head high.

Zeus: I'm going to say this once. Stay away from my brother or else.

He said angrily. To which she glared at him and yelled at him bravely.

Ocean: Or else what?

Zeus: Or else I will kill you painfully.

Ocean should have been crying by now but not this time. She fisted her hands and yelled at him again confidently.

Ocean: Then kill me. Because you can only separate me from moon by killing me. I'm not afraid of your stupid sick threats. I love Moon and I don't give a damn to what you think. I love him and he loves me back. And you can't separate us ever.

Seeing her confidence Zeus smiled and spoke in a proud tone.

Zeus: Now I understand what my brother has actually seen in you. You can be the only one for him. You're actually perfect for him.

Ocean was now confused and shocked at the same time. She spoke again in a few moments.

Ocean: What do you mean?

Zeus: I can see it in your eyes, he told you his secret, didn't he?

Ocean didn't hesitate for a single second and spoke back confidently.

Ocean: What secret?

Zeus chuckled at her protectiveness towards his brother. He was now sure that Ocean was the perfect person for his brother. He lightly patted her head and spoke again.

Zeus: You really are the perfect person for Moon. Moon is special and we all look after him. I know he told you everything, I can see it in your eyes. But I'm so sure that you will protect him and his secret. Now I know why my brother is crazy for you. You're not like the other girls. You're different. You don't just have a beautiful face but a pure and innocent heart. That now belongs to my brother and I'm happy for both of you. You both are born to be together.

 Ocean was now shocked with the sudden change in his tone and his actions. Just a few minutes ago, he felt like he would kill her here and now. But now he's acting like a sweet brother. She didn't know what to do or how to respond to him. She couldn't recover from all the sudden shocks he gave her. "Huh…." Was the only response, came out of her mouth, as she kept staring at Zeus.

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