I heard Vixen roaring loudly inside me. That woke me up. I sat up abruptly on the bed. I was catching my breath and Moon also woke up. He sat up and started rubbing my back. He then filled a glass with cold water and handed me the glass. I downed it's content in one go. My throat was dry. The cold water helped me a bit.

Moon: Is everything okay, Ocean?

He asked me in a worried tone and I looked at him. 

Ocean: I think something bad has happened to Alpha Zeus. I don't know what but something is wrong. I can feel it. Because of Vixen, I can feel it.

I replied in a panicked tone and Moon shook his head.

Moon: I told him not to do anything stupid because of us. But he is a stubborn ass. He never listens.

He said in an angry tone. He hopped off of the bed and in a blink of an

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