Moon: Where is my brother?

I roared at the woman whose name was Hellenora. I frowned as I saw my Ocean kneeling on the ground in front of me, showing respect for me. I did not understand why she was submitting in front of me. I knew Zeus was not around. But I also knew pa had taken his place as he was the most powerful wolf in the whole territory after Zeus. Hellenora turned towards me and to my surprise, she as well knelt down on the ground. Vivian gasped as she saw Hellenora bowing in front of me. Vivian also bowed and I became even more confused. I looked at pa who also knelt in front of me. Ma also came and joined everyone by kneeling down on the ground. Hellenora looked up at me and smiled like she knew what was happening.

Hellenora: We all need your permission to stand up again, Alpha Moon.

She said and my jaw dr

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