Chapter 46


Hellenora: Parko was actually Ocean's biological brother. He was two centuries older than Ocean but he was her brother. I sent them away for a reason. I knew Valtor had asked Parko to find Ocean and bring her to New Orleans. Ocean was the key to unlocking the monster that is inside Moon. It was until, a few years ago, I went to the land of enchantresses. I had some things to take care of. But before I left, I told everything to Vivian. I also filled her in that Parko was trying to find a way to bring her here. I thought after telling her everything, she would be cautious and would keep a sharp eye on her son. But I was wrong. I never thought of what she was actually thinking.

She said and I gritted my teeth. She was blaming my mother for I did not know what.

Ocean: How can you blame her for me being here? It was an accident that brought me here. My unc

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