Vivian: For the power she possesses. Her fate was decided. I was told what Vlad and my father were planning on. I would have killed her so there would be no one to stop Valtor. But I wanted Vixen. Because Vixen was the key to unlock my powers. Vixen actually belonged to me. I created her.

My mother replied as she stood up. Vixen was scratching the walls to leash out but I was keeping her calm. My mother suddenly lunged herself at me. But before she could reach me, she was kicked hard and pinned to the ground. I looked around and found ma in her wolf form. She was growling at my mother angrily.

Moon was suddenly in front of me and so was his grandpa. As pa noticed ma changing back into her human form, he went to her and covered her body with the coat. Ma stood up but her foot was on my mother's chest.

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