I landed on the ground and Valtor put his foot on my head. I gritted my teeth and tried to get up. I was just tired because I was not just fighting those vampires. I was also fighting that monster that was inside me. I could feel him getting angrier with every single punch. He was getting ready to leash out and the worst part was, Ocean was not around to push him back inside.

Last time I felt like destroying the whole world when I almost lost Ocean. It was like that monster was in love with Ocean. That he could only be controlled by Ocean.

Valtor: That's it, my pet. Let him take over. Let him out so I can rule the world. Let him come out because his master is calling him. I am his master and he only serves me. 

Valtor said as he pressed his foot on my head. My claws grew bigger and I dug my claws in

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