A Year Later:-


I was helping pa with the decorations. It was Halloween and Ocean always loved Halloween. I heard a giggle and turned around with a smile on my face. My eyes widened in horror and I gasped as I saw what was going on. My son was standing with the fountain and he was ready to jump in.

Moon: Sam, stop right there. If you jump in, I will eat all your candies. I dare you.

I yelled at my son loudly and he smirked mischievously. I heard a chuckle from beside me and I turned back towards pa. He was laughing at me.

Moon: What?

I asked him in an annoyed tone and he laughed even louder seeing my annoyance. He went towards the fountain and I followed him behind. He grabbed my son and carried him in his arms.

Derek: That is how we stop them. Not dare them to do som

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