Chapter 3


 It’s only now that I can recognize it” I don’t want to turn around and look at her; I wasn’t ready to have a mate. But my wolf was forcing me to take her with me; she can die here.

When I turn back to her to pick her up and take her with me, it is already too late. She was already running away.

Purple POV

I don’t know why but when the wolf looked at me with his cold ,glaring eye I was shivering in fright but also ,my heart ach as if it don’t like the grace of this wolf.

I was tired of running for my life. What could I have done wrong for God to punish me in such a way? My heart was pounding, and I could feel my legs weakening; I’m not going to last very long. Once again, I was alone, and the two cars were chasing me once again.

I know I shouldn’t do this, but I look back to get a glimpse of the distance between them and me.

Very little. Once again, I bump into something super hard; looking ahead, I see him again. He was there, in front of me, and at that moment, it like everything was happening in slow motion. The black big wolf stood in front of me.

With the help of his head, he pushed me in front of him. What is he trying to do, I looked at him with confusion, I did not understand what was it doing; my heartbeats were very fast. I was scared; it might kill me. With a final headbutt to my left shoulder, I started to run, a gunshot rang out the thousand time and excruciating pain radiated from my body.

I am hit on my right side of my stomach. The wolf seems not to notice it, he continues to run in front of me, and I follow him with great pain. But with last hope, I still follow him. I am weakened from the pain. I keep running as best as I can, keeping the pain to myself and trying to block the groans of pain. It's only a matter before all this stops, and I finally get some rest.

Alpha Vance POV

Her footstep is getting slower and slower, and if she keeps going like this, we risk being caught by these humans; She is really a weak human can’t even run, I don’t really want a mate, but a human?? Moon goddess must be mocking me ??,

When she reaches near me, I signal her to enter the den. On our territory, I had dens built as a refuge in case of attack. I congratulated myself on having had the idea.

As we go into the den, we cross a corridor before coming across underground with a double bed, a desk and a wardrobe.

With the help of my wolf vision, which makes it easier for me to see a thing in the dark, I rummage through the desk drawers looking for candles to light up the place. Once the necessary items are found, I return to human form, grab the object, and light the candles.

The faint glow of the candle makes the room sifted as well as intimate, Perfect for getting to know this human.

Turning around, I met face to face with my mate, the look on her face says it all, that she is terrified, she trembling too. My wolf was whining telling me to make her comfortable around us cause she was his mate.

I know she won’t recognize me as she is not a wolf, which was good for me. I can get rid of her easily.

Her skin was becoming pale, and her face shows pain. I scanned her body, looking for the slightest anomaly that would indicate the origin of her pain. That is where I saw a big reddish spot on the right side of her stomach.

My wolf was on alert after seeing my mate in pain. I Automatically walked toward her, but my gestures must have seemed sudden and abrupt as I saw her take a few steps back. I had to give her the confidence to treat her; she is losing a lot of blood and urgently need to help the wound heal quickly before she bleeds out.

“I need you to trust me; I need to treat your wound before it gets worse ok, “ I told her. Slowly I approach her lifting her top above her head, obliterating it. Her body is perfect and beautiful; she shapes where and how it should be; her breasts are the beautiful, perfect size. Her beautiful soft body gives me the desire to caress her, sprinkle kisses and taste every inch without omitting any corner. Her hair is simply beautiful and silky.

“shit”, I already had a mate at home no. “

I shook my head and again looked at her. She seems to collapse very soon. I immediately take her in bride style, putting one hand behind her back and the other on the back of her legs; I put her gently on the bed, half knocked out; she doesn’t fight back and lets herself go. Her body temperature was higher than normal, a sign that she had a fever because of her injury. I grabbed the first aid kit and set about caring for her wound, which was not a pretty sight. The bullet is still lodged in her, and it more than urgent to remove it. I take a pair of medical forceps from the first aid kit. Unfortunately, alcohol for disinfecting is scarce, so I can’t use it to sterilize the forceps, preferring to disinfect her wound. I have nothing to give anaesthetic, so she will have to endure the suffering. “Now I need you to be strong and take a deep breath “ I caress her face, and against all odds, she sticks her face a little more against the palm of my hand.

“I am going to take the bullet out of you so that you can finally recover”. She nods her head.

And does what I tell her to do; she takes a deep breath and puts the blanket between her teeth to bite it and avoid biting her tongue; I take advantage of this moment to insert the forceps I had in my hand into her wound and remove the bullet.

She closes her eyes hard, a slight scream of pain escaped her; she bites the blanket and her hand close in fists. Once I removed the bullet, I took the cotton ball, soaked it with alcohol to disinfect the wound; I take the healing ointment and apply it to the wounds before covering it with a compressed and securing it with pieces of plaster.

I looked at her as she was lying lifeless on the bed; my heart hurt seeing her like this, but it's just a bond; it will go away once I reject her.

She was human in wolf territory, so as rules, she must be kept in prison for entering into my land.

I lay beside her, thinking about how Astrid will react when she see her; I have to deal with this as soon as possible; I don’t want Astrid to be hurt seeing I found my mate.

Tomorrow will be a very long day.

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