Chapter 4

It the morning, when Purple woke up, she finds herself lying on something soft and gentle. A bed. It was so long since she slept in an actual bed; she almost forgets about the comfort a bed gives she is used to sleeping on the floor. She turns her head a little to find a handsome young man who was is in deep sleep beside her. Purple flinched but calmed herself down, remembering all the incident happened yesterday. This handsome man took care of her.

Remembering yesterday’s incident, it was the first time her seeing a wolf transformed into a human in front of her eyes; she was shocked to see something like that, but she wasn’t in her right mind to think anything at that time, and surprisingly she wasn’t scared of the person beside her. She wanted to move a little bit but sharp pain shoots her throughout her body, and a grown left her lips, which woke the man next to her.

The sound of sheets crumpling up thoughts. “Morning” His voice is hoarse, deep, and slow, which makes my body react to the sound of his voice.

I have never felt anything like it. How does a simple voice make me feel like this.?

“Morning”, I replied. His face was sleepy, and he has ruffled hair, but what an excruciatingly sexy man he was. Because of my pretty critical condition yesterday, I couldn’t see him. Clearly, my vision was blurry, and I had no strength to keep my eyes open. I was in pain, and the injury was draining all my energy.

“How do you feel? ?” I flinch due to his cold, harsh voice, which happens suddenly. I looked at him, who was looking directly at me, which makes me uncomfortable.

“b-better”, I spoke, a little scared of him. He turns his body to face me completely; his hands rest on my belly near the wound as if checking it. Making my mind go blank, a little spark dance over my body due to the little contact.

“What’s wrong with me”

He removed his hand, and all the sparks left my body. He nodded his head and said.

“ You are coming with me to my pack for interrogation”, He spoke. And immediately, my mind occupied with all the negative thoughts.

“ No!! “I shouted

“I- I was trying to escape from those men; I didn’t intentionally enter your area,” I said, almost panicked.

“I don’t care, whoever entered my territory without permission was killed by warriors, you are lucky I was here on time, but you human broke the rule. You are a prisoner now, and you will be treated as one. You have no escape now. “ He said and carried me in his arm and started to walk deep in the forest, I don’t know what to do, but one thing was clear; at least I will be saved from my uncle here.

After several minutes of travelling, we arrived in another village dipped in the woods. I couldn’t see all the details, but it didn’t look so beautiful, on the contrary. All the other wolves appeared and formed a hedge of honour. There were wolves of all size and colours.

The beautiful town seems no different from the place I live, roads, parks, big buildings, different houses. I thought that werewolf lives in caves and wood houses. It's shocked me to the core. This man continues his walk till we reached a big palace-like house.

But he did not go into the house he walked beside there was big crepe trees ,we pass through the trees the toward a wooden door, he opened it. It dark I couldn’t see anything, but he continues to walk. After some time, I heard a metal gate opening he threw me in. I wince in pain as my butt collided with the harsh floor. My eye filled with tears.

“you will live to hear till further notice if I hear you try to escape, I will tear you in two pieces, remember that, “ he said and shut the door. I heard his footstep going far away from the place. I think it was a prison where he threw me, These was the place where rogue wolf are kept.

Tears filled her eyes but she comfort her heart  that it was better then the torture she felt near her uncle.

She was feeling that her end is near , she will die here, but on other hand she wanted to take revenge from her uncle , she also wanted to fulfil her parents dream of becoming  a business women .

As Vance walked out of prison, he felt the fear and sadness of his mate, the bond between then was getting strong. He has to break the bond soon, or he will be forced to mate the human. His wolf pace back and forth in his mind giving him a head coach.

Vance turned to walk ahead only to find Astrid standing with her crossed arm. Vance tried to read her expression but it was blank. Her eye were stick to the lock of the presion.

 " The girl is your mate,"

Her voice was cold.The alpha was little tense , he never wanted Astride to find about this girl.

" Which girl?"

Vance hand's massage his head trying to easy his head ach.

" That human girl you just locked," Astrid said, and Vance gulped.

" So?"  he was pretending like he has nothing to do with her.

"Isn't she your mate?"


"So, it is true," Astrid confirmed.

"You don’t have to worry I will reject her. ." Vance explained.

“whenever a human entered our territory , we have the rule to directly kill them with out any explanation and the girl is the first human you locked , and on the top of that she smell like you.”

“Astrid some situation happened and I was forced to bring her here” vance wolf was angry with Astrid words .

Vance tried hard to control his wolf.

" Whatever it is Vance but you have to know that She is human. She will face  heat. She will need you to be closer to her."

"she is human Astrid, she won't face heat" 

"she will Vance, She is an alpha mate you are soon to be king ,you are different from other wolf and so is your mate , if you have skinship with your mate whether she is human or wolf she will face heat but it will be dangrous"

" Astrid, are you out of your mind?"

" Vance, just listen to......"

Vance cut him off, " no, you listen, you are my mate, and I am not seeing her again."

" But she will die, she is human, she must not know about this heat shit," Astrid said and again requested Vance to at least stay with the human for only today.

"No means no, and if she dies, it's better right." Vance spat.

" I can't believe it, how could you? I mean, why did you save her in the first place then" Vance glared at Astrid as she stopped and looked away from Vance and glued her eyes locked door.

Vance didn't say a word. He stayed silent and let the situation calm down.

he doesn't know that if he is not with the human, then she may die. But he didn't care about his mate; the Alpha was ready to let her die. How could someone be this cold-hearted and selfish? '

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