Chapter 6

Ione stares at her body with a wide eye. Recovering from her shock, she gently made Purple sit on the hospital bed. Her brows furrowed all the time. Not a single word was shared between us.

Ione started to fiddle with the appliance inside of her medical kit. It was hard for me to understand what she was thinking. Her worried expressions were changed into anger and concern.

She stood up and walked to the attached bathroom; within seconds, she appeared with a bucket of water. Purple squeezed her eye shut, balling her hands into a fist, waiting for the pain. She hissed in pain as Ione gently glided a damp cloth all over her body, wiping away the dried blood. Purple bit her lip to stop herself from screaming out in pain. 

Purple Pov

The wounds on my body never get a chance to heal as I was granted new wounds and wiped every day. I hate myself even to be related to a monster like him, to call him uncle. But its all good now; I won’t be seeing him an

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Was this translated, is her name supposed to be violet

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