Chapter 61

"Vance, what are you going to next? "Kevin asked. Vance glanced at him and then at PurplePurple; caressing her cheeks, he said indifferently, "Until we find anything about him, no action can be taken! "

"increase the security around the Mansion, my home and the company. Check all the guards before appointing them. Also, bring out the hidden elite guards and appoint them around Purple. "Vance instructed.

"Okay, boss! "Ron nodded and went out to carry on the orders while Kevin also left after a few minutes. Vance closed his eyes, falling asleep, hoping that everyone around him will be safe from this new unknown enemy.


The next day when PurplePurple woke up, she looked around and saw that she was in a very unfamiliar room. Realizing that it was a hospital room, she turned her head and stared at her husband's handsome face.

The little rays of sunlight coming from the window were falling
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