60 Days
60 Days
Author: Ree Writer


Kingswood, 2014

I am staring at the clock.

I don't think the damned machine is working.

My fingers are fidgeting and I keep tapping my legs under the desk.

"Ms. Clarkson, stop tapping your feet or I will have to extend the hours for you," Ms. Crook grunts.

I glare at her and roll my eyes.

"Young lady, did you just roll your eyes at me?" she snaps with her high-pitched voice, her eyes burning with fury.

"Yes madam," I say politely. "I just rolled my eyes at you. What will you do about it?"

The room is filled with whispers and gasps from the few students in the room.

Ms. Crook's eyes narrow as she scowls at me behind her rimmed glasses. She abruptly stands up and wags a finger at the door.

"To the principal's office! Now!" Ms. Crook dramatically screams at me.

Shit! I can't go a third time this week to the principal's office!!! That will upset my dad!

I sigh and decide to swallow my pride. "I am sorry."

"Go tell that to the principal!" she barks, her teeth gritted..

Okay! Fuck school! And Fuck her!!!!

I swallow my pride and this is my price?

I have had enough!

I take my backpack which was dangling behind my chair and pick up my bottle of water on the desk. I stand up, sneering at her and sashay away to her dismay.

"Have yourself a good evening ma'am," I blow her some kisses before  I bang the door.

Fuck detention!!!

As I am walking on the empty corridors, I bump into Jace, holding books tight to his chest. He must be from the library, it's just surprising how he loves books. But I hear his parents are very strict. The books tumble on the floor and I help him pick them up. Oh my God! I never thought this cliche in romcoms would ever happen to me in real life.

For a moment there, our eyes lock and I feel butterflies in my stomach. It's the first time my eyes bore into his ocean blue eyes. I close my eyes and move my lips to his face. This is the part we kiss. I can't believe this is happening. Oh my God! Oh my God!

To my shock, I stumble on his feet and it dawns on me that while I was fantasizing about the kiss, he was busy collecting his books.

Jace is standing firmly, looking down at me with a ridiculous look on his face as if I am crazy.

"You must be the famous crazy Camilla," he says with a sweet smile.

I quickly stand up in sheer excitement. "You know my name?"

Jace smirks. "Who doesn't? Especially after you caused a scene by pulling Kourtney's hair..."

"Well... I... I..." how can this beautiful boy have such power even over my tongue? I can't even utter a word.

Jace takes a step toward me and tucks a tendril of my dark hair behind my ear. I am literally trembling and my skin is tingling. He puts a finger over my lips and looks into my eyes.

"Relax... I know you did that because you like me," he says to my shock. "I also like you too, Camilla."

My heart has never beaten faster than it is now. I am trying to be calm but how can I when he just confessed his feelings? I told you he felt the same way...

"Happy Birthday by the way..." he wishes me with a broad smile.

He even knows it's my birthday? Okay! This is officially the best birthday ever! Well, except Ms. Crook putting me up on detention.

OH my God! Karla, Hannah and Riana are going to literally FREEEEEEEEAAAAAKKKKK out when I tell them about this. I really hope I am not daydreaming. I pinch myself to make sure I am not and indeed I am not.

Jace holds his books with one hand and tucks the other in the pockets of his blue jeans. I can't help but drool at his biceps through his striped shirt. He's so perfect. I told you everything about me is perfect.

"Heard there's a party at your house tonight, mind if I come over?" Jace asks, still smiling.

Can he stop smiling already? It's very distracting!

"Ofcooooouuuurse! Why not?"

"Perfect!" he pecks me and I freeze on the ground. "see you then!"

Jace winks at me as he walks on the opposite direction, his short brown hair dancing in the air. Damn! I even love the way he walks...

Jace suddenly looks back a few feet away and he sees me still standing.

"Don't tell me you're going to stand there drooling at my ass while your dad is outside honking his car..." he says with a slight smirk.

I giggle. "Get over yourself, Jace."

He walks backwards, a sly grin on his handsome face. "It's you who should get over me."

I roll my eyes at him as he vanishes.

I scamper towards the school exit and rush to the parking lot. I spot my dad's black V8 parked on the left side with my dad waiting for me. He looks at me, a despaired look on his face.

" Dad, sorry for keeping you waiting," I apologize.

"Ms. Crook called and told me everything..."

"Dad, I -"

"I am getting you transferred."

What! No! When Jace has started to like me? No way!

"No, dad. Please don't get me transferred. I promise I will behave..."

"But that's what you-"

I move toward him and take his hand. "I promise I will behave, daddy."

He kisses my forehead. "Promise me, princess."

I look up at him. "I promise. Now where are we going buddy?"

"Home... Where do you think we are going?"

"Now you want to pretend you forgot it's my birthday?"

My dad gasps. "It is?"

I roll my eyes at him. "you are so horrible at pretending!"

Dad opens the door for me, pecks me and wishes me a happy birthday.

We get home and he tells me to dress up since he is throwing a surprise party for me at God knows where.

My mom, Clara Clarkson, helps me put on the hot pink offshoulder dress she picked for me. She also helps me pick shoes and I fall Inlove with a silver pair of high heels. I am going to go with those ones. I point them to her and she agrees.

"Carr-Milla!" she stresses my name in Latin since she is Latino. "Behave yourself, okay? Don't fuck boys! My hair is too black to be a grandmother now. Hear me?"

I nod. "And it's Ca-Milla, mom. Camilla!"

She rolls her eyes. "whatever!" It's shocking just how I resemble her. Her black wild hair. Her beautiful face. Her eyes. Her smile. The way she laughs and rolls her eyes. In short, I am the perfected younger version of her.

Talking about boys... Heard there's a party at your house. Mind if I come over?


Ugh! And I don't have his number. How the hell is he going to know where the party is at?

"Princess!" my dad calls downstairs.

"Coming!" I yell, confused.

Once I'm there, I will figure out a way to reach Jace. But for now, let me see where dad is taking me. I just can't wait. I really hope he brings in Shawn Mendez to perform stitches. I swear I am going to melt. And of course cry like a baby.

"You look beautiful, honey," dad pecks my forehead and embraces me. "I can't believe my baby is growing up."

"I can't believe you are growing old, buddy, " I giggle.

Mom is staring at us, upstairs, a broad grin on her face.

My dad takes my hand in his and escorts me to the door. My mom waves me and I wonder why she does not want to tag along.

Anyways, it's not like I want her to come. Her eyes will be on me the entire time like a hawk and I won't have fun. That, I'm sure.

We step outside into the cold night and I take my phone to text my three best friends about the surprise party. My dad is walking towards the car while I tag behind him, my eyes on my phone's screen.

The sound of three gunshots astounds me. My phone falls from my hand when I see my dad, lying on the gravel pathway, blood oozing out of his head and chest.

In that moment, I don't care who shot him or why? I just fall on my knees and let out an ear-splitting scream.



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