Day 4

I could not find the right words to tell Jace at the time. I just wanted him to leave. I didn't want to see his face anywhere near me. So I told him, 

"Leave!" then I slammed the door. 

"We are here!!!" 

I stop recalling all of yesterday's events and climb out of my uncle's car. Today is the day I see my mom after a long long time. 

My uncle says he will be busy today and can't find time to stop by and say hi. I know he just doesn't want to see my mom. 

"Bye." I wave him as he drives away. 

I open the gate quickly and head towards the bungalow. It's not as big as I thought but it's something. At least it has a wide pool outside and a massive patio just beside the house. It's a cute house, no denying. 

I ring the doorbell. 

"Mila!" my mom throws her hands around me and hugs me so tightly. She then showers me with endless kisses on my face, especially my cheeks. 

"You've cut weight!" she exclaims gawking at me. 

"Because I've been studying," I roll my eyes.

My mom frowns. "Who said that when you study you stop eating?"

"I eat!" I shrug. "Now, will you please invite me in madam?"

She takes my hand and escorts me in. I am not amazed by the absolute touch of beauty and elegance the house possesses. I mean, it's my mom we are talking about. From the black leather couches to the white crystal floor to the wooden rectangular table to the massive fireplace to the artistic colorful paintings, every piece of furniture screams money and elegance and style. 

"Darling? Who was that on the door?" I hear her long-time boyfriend, now husband, ask with a glass on his hand. 

"My baby, Camilla!" 

He approaches me and hugs me warmly. Of the hundreds of men my mom has dated since dad died, this one is the only one I've been able to like. Though I never quite caught his name. Yea, I'm that ignorant. But he is a really good man for my mom and atleast he's a bit older than her and I hear he works as a supervisor at a factory company. This is a serious man ready to settle. That's all I wanted for my mom. She deserves nothing less. He's also handsome. A bit handsome. 

"Hallo Camilla!" he pecks my cheek and I smell the conc scent of tequila on his mouth. 

I can't help but swallow hard at the smell of tequila... I want to drink... I shouldn't but I want to... But I can't... I'm afraid if I do... 

"Camilla? Drew is talking to you," my mom brings me back to reality with her sharp voice. 

So Andrew is his name. 

"Ye... Yes!" I try catching my breathe. 

"How are you? How was school? How was your graduation?" 

I take a step back from him. What's it with everyone asking how my graduation was yet they never attended. 

"it was great." 

"Sorry we couldn't -" 

I cut off my mom quickly. "it's fine. How was your wedding?" 

"It was amazing. Wish you were here. You could have been my best maid." 

From the ecstatic look on my mom's face, the wedding must have been everything she dreamed of. This man makes her happy. And as her only child, I am nothing but happy for her.

Someone rings the doorbell. My mom is quick to go open. I am left talking with Andrew about school and my graduation. I appreciate that he shows concern. 

"Mila!" my mom screams at the door. "someone's here to see you!" 


"Come see yourself." 

I rush to the door, praying to the heavens it's not Jace. And indeed it's not Jace. 

"Karla!" I shriek on seeing her. 

Karla Wright. My best human! 

We hug and peck each other as we scream. We had missed each other so much. 

"Are you sure you two are straight?" my mom gawks at both of us. 

We shake our heads and I invite Karla inside. I have so much to share with her. I hope my mom and her husband have a room just for me. 

It's a relief when mom directs us to my new room in the new house. It's not much. Just plain and simple. Just like my style. 

The minute my mom shuts the door, we plonk on the bouncy bed and face the ceiling with our feet facing upwards. I had missed these days. 

"Shouldn't you be at work?" I ask her, when I remember how serious she is when it comes to work and how much of an asshole her boss is. 

"I have an off day today. Heard you are back. Hannah told me," she replies. "And you couldn't even call." 

"Karla, a lot has happened since I came back. Can you imagine I caught Jace cheating on me with that snake Hannah?" 

Karla takes a while to respond. Not like her usual self. She always has something to say and is very opinionated. So the fact that she's silent is quite strange. Very strange. 

" Karla? Aren't you gonna say something? Aren't you gonna be mad at Hannah like I am?" 

Karla still hesitates as if nervous. 

"Oh My God!" I gasp. "You knew Jace and Hannah had a thing?" 

She still doesn't say anything. She sits up on the bed nervously, tucking her long black hair behind her ear. 

I glare at her, astonished. "You knew and you didn't tell me?" 

I jump from the bed and point to the door. "Leave my room!" 

Karla hesitates trying to tell me something but I cut her off and point to the door. 

She drags herself off the bed and shamble to the door. Jeez! I feel so betrayed right now. Coming back to Kingswood Sucks. 

I want to drink... I want to drink... I want to drink so bad... I can feel the thirst... A drink is the only cure... But I can't... I know I shouldn't... 

Just right after Karla has left, mom gets inside asking what the hell is wrong. I sit on the bed, my face buried in my hands in frustration. What did I do to deserve these fake friends. I deserve better. 

"Mila? Are you okay? What did you do to Karla?" 

I glare at her. "The right question would be what she did to me, mom. I'm not always the bad guy in the story..." 

Mom shrugs. "what did Karla do?" 

"Just leave!" 

"Just talk to me, Camilla! I'm here for-" 

"It's either you leave or I leave to get a drink!" I threaten. 

That threat works on my mom. It always does. She leaves reluctantly and shuts the door. 

I don't know why, but I break down hysterically. It just hit me that everyone I loved was deceiving me and faking smiles. I just wonder for how long... 


I have been sleeping the entire day. 

I don't know how but I did. It must be from the stress and the heartbreak. 

But I can't remember putting myself up on bed. I was crying on the floor the entire time but I just woke up, covered up in a duvet on the bed. 

It's dark outside. Really dark. 

I crawl out of the bed and drag myself to the living room. My mom and Andrew are having spaghetti for supper. I might as well dish in. I am very hungry. 

I sit beside Andrew. 

"You look like a mess, Mila!" 

"A beautiful mess, you mean," Andrew adds. 

I give him a small smile. 

I still feel empty and sad. Depressed, to be precise. Feeling numb is the worst feeling. You really don't know how to act, when to act. It's like you're just existing... Like a robot... And it's the most draining confusing feeling in the world.

The doorbell rings.

My mom decides to get that as I dish into my meal.

"Mila! Some man is here to see you!" 

"What? Who?" 

"A snack!" my mom shouts from the door. 

I drag myself from my chair, no idea who the hell this is. 

"Ramon Darke?" 

He's neat in a maroon suit with brown leather loafers and a black tie. He's not a snack. He's a whole dish honestly. 

"That's his name?" My mom asks enthusiastically. 

Ramon and I nod in unison. 

"I will stick to snack," my mom says leaving us both to talk. 

"My mom can really embarrass me at times. Sorry for that," I face-palm myself. 

"She seems like a real fun person," Ramon compliments, smiling sweetly. 

"She's not," I whisper. 

"Sorry I came all the way. Was given this address by your uncle, Terrence is it? I wanted to see you..." 

I sigh. "Listen, Ramon. Me and you can't be a thing. You can't be just popping up like that on me. I'm sorry but I'm not interested in you." 

Ramon laughs loudly." What? You think I'm hitting on you? I came back to give your golden necklace." 

Ouch! That's so embarrassing. 

I touch my neck immediately. I hadn't noticed that the golden necklace my dad gave me was missing. My mind had really been occupied if I didn't notice something so important. I snatch it from his hand. 

" That's all? " I ask. 

Ramon shakes his head with a stern serious look on his face. 

"I'm also not interested in you." Then he struts away. 

I slam the door angrily, totally humiliated. 

I never want to see this man again! 


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