Day 5

"Morning Mila!" 

My mom blurts, grinning at me as if her life depends on it. 

Ugh! Did she have to wake me up screaming? She knows I hate that. She's been doing that since I was a kid and I am tired of telling her to stop because it all falls on deaf ears. 

I sit up on bed, dragging myself, still groggy with sleep. I have only slept for two seconds I swear. I had trouble falling asleep last night;thinking about Jace, Hannah and Karla, and how they hurt me... Thinking about them pisses me off and I feel stupid for ever trusting them. Strange enough, I also thought about him... Ramon... I know he's just a stranger but honestly, I don't know how I would have made it through that night without him... 

My mom draws the royal blue long curtains and the room is swathed in sunlight. It's a bright day outside;at least the first time the sun has shone brightly since I came back. 

"Did you have to come wake me up ma'?" I ask in a croak. "I barely slept last night."

"What were you doing? Busy sexting Jace?" 

Mom adores Jace. It would break her heart if she heard what he did to me. 

I giggle. "You are crazy if you think I would tell you that." 

Mom grins and sits next to me on my large bed. "I am crazy. Now tell me that."

I stare blankly at her. "Please don't tell me that's supposed to be a joke." 

Mom rolls her eyes. "I am funny, if that's what you're asking." 

She's not. Never been. She's beautiful though, I can't help but notice. Just creases on her brow and at the edges of her lips when she smiles. My mom is in her late forties, with a curvy figure that goes perfectly with every gown she has ever picked out. Even the lime green one she's in right now. Wait, why is she dressed up this early in the morning? And why is she dolled up with all that make up on her face?

"You are going somewhere?" 

Mom smiles sweetly. "No. 'Where am I taking you' is the right question." 

No! Don't tell me she wants to take me to events full of widows and her mouthy friends who do nothing but gossip about other successful women and their families. 

"Where are you taking me?" i ask. 

"M&R Mall!" 

Wait, she woke up early, dressed up and made herself up just to take me to the mall? My mom never ceases to amuse me. 

"For what mom? Isn't it too early?" i growl.

"It's 10:30am Mila! The perfect time to go shopping." 

Yea! I really need to go shopping. I need new clothes since most of my clothes are old and a bit smaller now. Plus, I need official attire. Yes! Official attire. 

I need to start working. I should talk to my uncle about this....

"Come on ma'. We can go in the afternoon or in the evening. Or at night...." I blabber.

"in the afternoon? Nope! I am still decorating my house as you can see. In the evening? Nope! I am going to the spur for manicure and pedicure. At night? Nope! I have a date with my husband." 

I groan loudly, slumping back on the bed and burying my head in the pillow. 

" Mila! "mom screams. " get up! Have a bath. Breakfast is waiting for you. "

I drag myself from the bed and shamble to the bathroom reluctantly. 

" Five seconds! "

I turn back to give her one last glance. " Why do I feel that I am the one escorting you and it's not the other way round? "


As I predicted, I am the one who escorted my mom to shopping. 

She keeps trying on gowns and asking me how they look on her and if Drew would love them. As if I would know...  I just nod. 

When she notices I am bored, she starts concentrating on me and the clothes that may look good on me. The dresses are gorgeous, the ragged jeans are trendy, the buggy tops capture my heart. I just want to purchase everything in this shop. 

I am trying on a red short satin dress with frills at the bottom when my mom says, 

"You should go on a date with Jace in that dress. It looks perfect on you." 

My heart stops. 

I feel like I am deceiving her. 

I just shrug, force a smile and stare at myself in the mirror. 

"Are you and Jace having problems? I haven't heard you utter his name since you came back..." 

"No, we are fine." 

I am not ready to tell my mom that my boyfriend of five years cheated on me with my best friend. How do I even start? I am afraid she will kill Jace. And then Hannah.

"And mom? Could you please stop talking about Jace?" I force a smile. "Hearing his name distracts me and reminds me how much I miss him..." 

"He's not in town?" mom asks. 

"He's in town. But he's very busy nowadays. He's working in a bank," I lie. 

I feel terrible for lying to her. 

"I miss him too. I want to see him one of these days," says mom. 

I shrug and change the topic. "Can we now go to the suits stall. I need to buy me some skirt suits, pant suits and official jumpsuits." 

Before she says another word, I rush to the stall. She follows me behind, pushing the trolley towards the direction I am headed. 

"So what's the plan? Where do you want to work? Have you applied for the job yet?" 

I roll my eyes at her. "I am going to work at Dad's Company." 

"Oh, I thought you would have a change of heart." 

"Why would I? I mean, it's the reason I studied business and majored in finance because I wanted to run dad's company. I want to make him proud. All his hard work won't go in vain. As long as I am alive..." 

"That dead asshole would be so proud of you..." my mom says. 

I told you she hates dad, right? 

"Respect for the dead. Please." 

Mom rolls her eyes. "So, when will you start working at CLARKE?" 

CLARKE, the brand name of my dad's cologne company. It is prominent for producing the best and most expensive cologne all around the world. CLARKE, was taken from his name, Clarkson. 

"I have not decided when exactly I will start working there. I have to talk to Uncle Terrence first." 

"Another asshole. I heard he's the acting CEO of CLARKE. That's your spot. You know that, right?" 

I nod. "I don't think he will have a problem with giving up the position, if it's what you're asking." 

Mom rolls her eyes. "I hope he gives you every last coin your dad left you. If he doesn't-" 

I cut her off. "I trust him, mom. He's working to ensure that I get every last coin. Dad was right to trust him as the trustee. If dad trusted him, I trust him too." 

I try on a white & black striped jumpsuit with a red belt on the waist. The female shop attendant with a tag written" Rosy" brings a red pair of heels and a matching red leather handbag. My mom falls Inlove with the chic look. I can not believe this is me when I glance at the mirror. 

My mom's phone suddenly rings. 

"This is strange." 


"Karla is calling." 

She's probably calling because my mom is the only person she can use to reach to me. I don't have a phone. Come to think of it, I should buy one. 

"I don't have a phone. She obviously wants us to talk. That's not strange, mom." 

Mom hands over the phone. 

I shake my head. "I'm not speaking to her." 

"Are you guys fighting?" 

"Yes we are." 

"But why? Karla is so sweet." 

"Bla! Bla! Bla! I just don't feel like talking to her..." i say, hands akimbo, pacing around in heels looking at myself in the mirror. 

I am relieved when my mom hangs up and lets go of the Sweet Karla topic. I wish she knew that sweet Karla is a snake. 

I try on a couple of other official suits, mostly pantsuits and a pair of comfortable office heels. Trying all these attires makes me want to start working right this second. I can just see myself in the office, hands on an expensive wooden table, legs crossed, listening to my colleagues as they do their presentations. 

I am going through some suits hanging on the stall when I spot a couple from a distance. The lady is in a pink hat, a pink offshoulder crop top and a pair of blue jeans with some sleek high heels. The guy is in a dark blue polo shirt, dark jeans and a pair of Vans. They are laughing at something and the girl ruffles up his brown hair, laughing heartily. 

The girl pulls away from his embrace and picks a fluffy coat and tries it on. He looks at her for some seconds and he shakes his head. She groans and picks out another attire. He crosses his hands across his chest and starts looking around as if bored. It is then that his eyes land on me... 

Jace and Hannah.... 

He freezes at my sight and seems beyond shocked to see me. There are a lot of things I feel like doing. Throwing acid in their faces. Pulling Hannah's long blonde hair. Kicking Jace in the balls. Burning them alive. Causing a scene... But no... I'm too classy for that... 

Classy ladies do nothing, because they have enough cash to pay karma to do the dirty job for them...

I quickly turn to my mom before she sees Jace. 

" Let's go." 


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