Day 7

I slept till noon. Yes, noon.

I love sleeping. Especially when I feel bored and sad, something which is common these days ever since I caught Jace cheating on me.

I wake up feeling tired, my head slightly aching. I drag myself from the bed and draw the curtains.

I brush my teeth and decide to be obedient for once ; I spread my bed and tidy up my room since I am leaving for my uncle's place and I don't want my mom to find my room messed up. She's such a perfectionist. And she freaks out at tiny things.

After making up my room, I head to the kitchen and pick a green apple in the fridge. I munch on it as I make some coffee and a sandwich. I note that my mom had packed some sausages and cookies before she left and left a note on top of the dish.

I know you woke up at noon... So instead of breakfast, I'll tell you to have yourself a great lunch, lazy bones!

This woman knows me too much. But sleeping a lot is not laziness. Or, is it?

After my scrumptious breakfast, I feel so full. I decide to wash the dishes on the sink, clean the whole kitchen then I head to the shower.

I decide to have a cold shower since it is flaming outside. The shower leaves my body cool and feeling fresh. I don't know why, but I'm feeling happy about life and about everything generally.

Since I came back to Kingswood, I haven't felt that, happy. The cheating scandal tore me apart. I don't have any friends. Hannah and I can't obviously talk and probably, it will stay that way till the end of time. I am not speaking to Karla too and it stings a bit, since she is the one I was closest to more than the rest. Riana, well, I haven't seen Riana in ages. She's obviously busy with school and her attachment and I also feel like she also knew Hannah and Jace were a thing but didn't tell me. Well, to hell with that! I can stay without friends! In University, I learnt to stay alone and do things on my own. Students even termed me as "loner." So, I don't care if I have no friends. I miss them though, I can't lie.

I'm all dressed up and ready to go.

It's almost 4:00pm. I need to stop by the mall to buy an iPhone, since I crushed the other one. And I need a phone.

Since my mom and Drew are not back yet, I will have to take Drew's car and drive to my uncle's house. Drew is not big on cars, I note. This car looks old and cheap. It also looks like it has gone through repair several times.

But it's a car regardless. And it's not like I have a choice...


I am going through my new phone, setting it up and saving numbers that I have on my head. This is wrong. I am on my phone while driving. I decide to put the phone away and focus while driving. Texting while driving could not only cost my life but cost the lives of others.

I finally get to my father's place. No, my uncle's place.

The watchman, Tom, welcomes me warmly as usual. I ask him if uncle Terrence has come back from work. He says that he has not but will be back in a few minutes time.

Ugh! Now I have to wait.

I knock on the door and the house help opens the door for me.

"Hello Lizzy."

"Hello Ms. Clarkson."

I love that name. I wish I could make her call me that again.

"Is Elena in?"

I hope the witch is not in. Hope she's somewhere practicing her dark magic.

"No. But Ms.Gina is in."

That's bizarre. "Gina? Wasn't she in Italy?"

Lizzy is as confused as I am right now but she clears her throat.

"I don't know Ms. Clarkson. Please get in. What would you like me to get you? Coffee? Juice? Smoothie?"

I go with something simple since I had a heavy breakfast, which I took in the afternoon. "Water, please."

Getting inside, I see Gina in gray pajamas, sitting at the corner of the couch, hugging her legs. She looks worn out, her eyes red and pale as if she has been crying. Her face is completely pale, not a slight touch of make up on it. Gina used to love tonnes of makeup on her face, even when she was at home doing nothing. A day without make up to her was like a day without oxygen. I don't know what has changed. Her dry shaggy long hair covers one side of her face.

Gina stares blankly at the wall, completely ignoring me. Why would she ignore me? Yes, she doesn't like me and I don't like her but I am her cousin and we have not seen each other in ages. She should at least acknowledge my presence even if she doesn't mean it.

I sit beside her on the couch and decide to lower my pride.

"Hi Gina."

No response.

My uncle should get here fast. I don't like the negative energy in this house. And I definitely don't like her mannerless rude daughter.

Feeling bored, I decide to put on some volume on the TV.

"Mute! Mute! Mute!" she barks and grabs the remote, muting the volume. I just stare at her in shock, wondering what the hell is going on. Why is she acting this way?

The house is now completely quiet. She's staring at me, her eyes wide open in fear. She is shaking, still blocking her ears with her hands.

"Can you hear them?" she whispers, terrified.

I stare at her in bewilderment. "Hear what?"

She looks up at the ceiling, then starts looking around.



Just then, her mom, Elena storms in, freaking the hell out of me.

"What are you doing here?" she snaps, glaring at me.

I smirk. "This is my house. I should be the one asking... Oops! Sorry... I forgot I gave it to you..." I pause. "And I can take it back when I want to. So, please watch how you talk to me."

Elena snickers. "All those years in university and no one ever bothered to teach you manners and respect."

I smirk. "Respect is earned. All those years on earth and no one ever taught you that. Or maybe you were taught, you were just too dumb to understand that."

Fury surges through her and I swear if looks could kill, I would be on my way to heaven right now. Elena bites her lip hard and tamps down her irritation. Her gaze turns quickly to her daughter, Gina.

Gina is biting her lips and her feet are fidgeting on top of the couch. Why is Gina acting this way?

"Gina! To your room now!"

Gina turns slowly to glare at her.

"Now!" Elena barks.

What is happening? There is something fishy going on. And I sure will get to the bottom of this.

Gina drags herself upstairs, her head down, her hair covering her face. She is acting like some zombie.

A few minutes later, we hear the banging of the door.

"What's wrong with Gina?" I find myself asking Elena, knowing too well I will not get an answer to that.

"Mind the business that brought you here," she says climbing upstairs, each step well calculated. Her heels are making the tik-tak sound, her little ass poking out.

She turns to glare at me, holding on to the railing.

"Terrence is not coming!"

She just wants me to leave.

He is coming. I know he's coming. Let me give him some more time.

I try calling him but he does not pick up.

I decide to wait a little bit more.

A little bit more turns into three hours. Lizzy even served me supper as I waited but he still didn't show up. It is now very late. But I have to go home, no matter how late. I can't sleep in this house, not in the same room as Elena and... My mind takes me back to Gina who looks really disturbed...

I will ask Uncle Terrence what's wrong with her. I know he will be honest with me...

I decide to call him one last time. Finally, he picks up...


He's always elated to hear from me anytime.

"Sorry I was in a meeting. I saw your missed call. What did you want to tell me?"

"Can you please come home? I want us to talk business..."

"That won't be possible princess..."


"Why is that?"

"I am on a business trip, honey. I will be coming in the morning."


"Okay. Then please drop by tomorrow morning at my mom's house, please."

"I promise. I love you, princess..."

For a moment there, I am tempted to ask him about Gina since he sounds to be in a very good mood.

"Love you too. Goodnight."

"Good night, princess."

And with that, he hangs up.


I'm on the road at 11:45 pm. It's really dark and I am the only driver on this road. The quiet streets are empty and completely deserted. I had forgotten how people in Kingswood go to bed early in fear of Wolves, robbers and carjackers. Yes, Wolves. But I have never come across one. I just hear their howling late at night.

Honestly, it creeps me out recalling all the things that could happen to me.

Just as if the car heard my thoughts, it decides to stop and the engine suddenly stops working. What! No! I bang the steering wheel, screaming. I am completely freaked out.

I am in the middle of nowhere and this fucking car has stopped working. What the fuck should I do? There is no way I am getting out of this car.

The road is dark and there is no sign of a single human on the dark streets. I feel like a character in those horror movies. Lord! No! This is not happening to me.

I decide to call my mom but she doesn't pick up. Now who the hell will get me out of this mess.

A huge sense of relief washes through me when I see the bright lights of a car behind me. I try to honk my car but it's completely not working. Luckily, the driver stops behind and steps outside. I can't quite see his face clearly. I just hope he's not a vampire or a werewolf...

The driver bends down to knock on my window and I can not help but sigh in relief.



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